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Crossover Nexus is a crossover event between Ben 10, Teen Titans Go!, OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes, and Steven Universe. It aired as an episode of OK K.O.![1] It is currently unknown whether this crossover is canon to the Ben 10 series or not.


When KO finds himself trapped in a mysterious place, he encounters other Cartoon Network Heroes and they band together to escape.


In a destroyed city, two shadowed heroes are being attacked by a villain named Strike. Fed up by their hiding, he summons K.O. to fight instead. Just as he's about to destroy him, one of the shadowed heroes saves him, revealing herself to be Garnet. The other shadowed hero is Ben 10, and they run. Strike sends his blaster after them. After brief introductions, the blaster engages them. Ben turns into Four Arms and pushes it back. The blaster retaliates by blasting off his Omnitrix, preventing him from turning back. Garnet also loses her glasses, which enabled her to focus her future vision. The three escape and manage to temporarily bring down the blaster.

Escaping into a abandoned building, they find numerous other heroes frozen in stone with red X's on them. They do find one hero named Raven, who managed to survive Strike's attack due to a protection spell. She explains that the city they're in used to be a bustling utopia for all sorts of heroes until Strike showed up to destroy all of them, stealing their powers. He then began summoning heroes to destroy from other dimensions. Raven has also lost most of her powers, only able to levitate. The four decide to attack Strike's lair head on, even forming their team name: O.K. Ben Let's Go Universe.

Using Raven's levitation and Garnet and K.O's punches, the quartet evade traps and monsters sent by Strike and make it to his lair. The blaster shows up once more and corners them. Strike arrives and begins powering up. K.O. uses this opportunity to grab the blaster, figuring that its appearance as a pen would indicate it could create as well as destroy. K.O. restores his new friend's powers and they engage Strike. He sends X energy blasts down that Garnet deflects with rapid fire gauntlet strikes and future vision and Raven uses a blast of dark energy.

When Ben tries to change, he only changes into the various heroes he saw before. K.O. explains that when he used the pen to restore the Omnitrix, the powers that Strike has stolen came with it. K.O. then uses a power fist to launch Ben at the stunned Strike. Ben then transforms into many heroes as he delivers a devastating final hit, destroying Strike. Garnet reprograms the blaster, and the city, as well as all the heroes, are restored by it. Raven opens portals to their home dimensions, and she and Ben both depart. Before Garnet leaves, she uses the blaster to create a POW card of herself for K.O. and leaves for her dimension. K.O. returns to his home and wakes up in Gar's Bodega. Initially believing he was dreaming, he then discovers the Garnet POW card, realizing that recent events were true.


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Ben, Raven, K.O., and Garnet together: OK Ben! Let's Go Universe![1]

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  • When Ben first introduced himself, he posed similar to how he did in one of the reboots promotional poster.
  • When K.O. first heard Raven's voice thinking it was Ben's, he responded (as Four arms) "Dude, did that honestly sound like my voice to you", this is an inside joke as both Ben and Raven are voiced by Tara Strong.
  • The team name K.O. comes up with "OK Ben Let's Go Universe", is an amalgam of the names of main character respected shows.
  • Strike's blaster apparently resembling a pen could be a meta gag on how most modern cartoons are drawn digitally, especially how it's able to erase and create anything.


  • If this episode is canon, it takes place after the events of Innervasion Part 5: High Override in the Ben 10 reboot timeline.
  • The special is a tribute to the history of Cartoon Network with many Easter eggs.
  • This is the sixth crossover event in the Ben 10 franchise.
  • Crossover Nexus was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2018.
  • This crossover directly connects the reboot back to the classic continuity, as Rex Salazar appears as a statue in this episode.
  • The run time for this special was originally meant to be 22 minutes, therefore the whole idea had to be reworked.
  • The setting for the crossover is CN City, which was featured in a series of bumpers from 2004 to 2007, which has been abandoned since 2007. Therefore, it looks like an abandoned city. The theme from that era can be heard when Strike's blaster undoes the damage Strike himself caused.
  • Much like in A New Dawn, Ben goes through a rapid selection of many transformations before choosing one in time to vanquish the main villain. The only difference is that instead of his usual alien forms, Ben switches between a main character from nearly every Cartoon Network original series. Assumingly, the anthem for Cartoon Network Originals, otherwise known as the theme song for Cartoon Cartoons, can be heard during the rapid transformation sequence.
  • The themes for NEW NEW NEW NEW and Fridays can also be heard at various points during the episode.
  • Logos for Cartoon Cartoons, Fridays, Tickle UHar Har Tharsdays and Yes! can be seen at various point during the episode, mostly as graffiti.
  • The current CN logo is used in the title card of the episode but instead of saying Cartoon Network, it now says Crossover Nexus.
  • This crossover aired prior to Innervasion Part 1: Message in a Boxcar in the US.
  • This episode is the first time Ben is shown to transform from one form to another by slamming his Omnitrix while transformed.
  • When Ben briefly turns into Buttercup, her design is that of the original show and not the reboot.
  • The music that is used when Strike summons K.O. is the same music used in The More Things Change: Part 1 when Khyber and Zed make their first appearance in Ben 10: Omniverse.[2]
  • In the first teaser trailer, it appeared that Ben had the Omnitrix from Season 1.
  • This special was originally planned to be much longer. It would have featured "The Perfect Ally"; a fusion of Gwen, Cyborg, Enid, and Steven.[3]

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