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Sorry, guy. That's just the way the bug bounces.

– Crashocker to Exo-Skull after defeating him

Crashocker is the combination of Crashhopper and Shocksquatch's DNA. He can only be accessed by using the Biomnitrix.


Crashocker has the chest, torso, and arm structure of Shocksquatch but instead of being yellow, they are brownish-green. His upper head is the same as Crashhopper's and his chin comes from Shocksquatch. He has Crashhopper's legs but with two bolts on each of his feet. He retained Crashhopper's green clothing and abdomen. He has three bolts on his neck and has his throat colored the same as his chin with his horn's design.

The Biomnitrix symbol is located on Crashocker's stomach.

Powers and Abilities

Being part-Orthopterran, Crashocker is able to jump extremely long distances using relatively long and muscular legs similar to Crashhopper's. He can also use his horn-like skull as a battering ram.

Being part-Gimlinopithecus, Crashocker can release electricity similar to Shockquatch's in waves upon landing. He also has enhanced strength, as he was able to fight against Exo-Skull with ease.





Season 8

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Russian Крешшоккер From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Crashhopper From Crashhopper's name; pronounced /'kraʃhopɛr/.


Crashocker's name is a combination of Crashhopper and Shocksquatch.


  • Crashocker's voice is the same as Crashhopper's.
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