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The Cosmos, also known as the Omniverse[1] is the total sum of space-time, comprised of all realities ranging from universes to dimensions to timelines.


In And Then There Were None, every reality in the cosmos, except the No Watch Timeline is briefly erased by Vilgax with a Chronosapien Time Bomb.

In And Then There Was Ben, the cosmos is restored by No Watch Ben as Clockwork.

In Crossover Nexus, Strike summons heroes and protagonists from throughout the Omniverse to eliminate them.

In Alien X-Tinction, Maximilian Tennyson travels the Omniverse in the hopes of stopping Alien X from claiming every Omnitrix.


  • A multiverse is a collection of numerous universes, while an omniverse is a collection of all universes (and by extension all multiverses).[2][3]
  • The first use of the term "Omniverse" was as the title for Ben 10: Omniverse before being mentioned as a concept in the Alien Worlds shorts.
  • Celestialsapiens can move freely throughout the Omniverse.[4][5]

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