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Corrupturas are creatures that can control any being, simply by making contact with their forehead.

Normally, Corrupturas are created within and spat at an opponent by Vladats.


Corrupturas are diamond shaped with one eye, little horns, and bat-like wings. Lord Transyl's Corrupturas are red with purple eyes, while Whampire's Corrupturas are dark green with light green eyes.

Powers and Abilities

  • Lord Transyl Spitting a Corruptura
  • Whampire Spitting a Corruptura

When spat out by a Vladat, a Corruptura affixes itself on the forehead of a being, thus giving the Vladat control over that being. The victim is still conscious and aware of their actions, but have no control over their physical body. Basically, the victim becomes an unwilling puppet.

Corrupturas have been effective on other races of the Anur System, such as Transylians, Thep Khufans, Loboans, and tangible Ectonurites.[1]

Other races shown to be effective on Corrupturas include Revonnahganders,[1] Merlinisapiens,[2] Splixsons,[DJW 1] Crystalsapiens,[DJW 2] To'kustars,[DJW 3] Sonorosians,[DJW 4] Galvanic Mechamorphs,[DJW 5] Piscciss Premanns,[DJW 6] Arburian Pelarotas,[DJW 7] and Ventrilosquid's species.[DJW 8]

Corrupturas possess wings for flight, which they use in order to get from their master's mouth and to their victim's forehead.


  • Ineffective on Intangible Targets
  • Ineffective on Slippery Targets
  • Vulnerability to Light

Corrupturas cannot attach to a species with slippery skin, such as Ickthyperambuloids[DJW 9] and members of Hobble's species.[1]

Corrupturas are ineffective against targets that can make themselves intangible, such as Ectonurites, and will pass straight through them.[1] They also ineffective against cybernetically-enhanced beings such as Exo-Skull[2] and supernatural beings like Dagon.[DJW 10]

Vladats are unable to control an entire set of Splixson clones using their Corrupturas because each clone is an independent being.[DJW 1]

Corrupturas are not very durable, as they can easily be destroyed by species with as much or strength than a Transylian.

Corrupturas can destroyed from exposure to sunlight and intense heat, such as that generated by Pyronites,[DJW 11] Prypiatosian-Bs,[DJW 12] and members of Atomix's species. They are also weak against acid.[DJW 13]

Corrupturas are possibly ineffective on Florauna, though this depends on the willpower of an individual.[DJW 14]

In the case of Whampire, once the Omnitrix times out or he changes forms, his Corrupturas will automatically break apart.[1]


Ben 10: Omniverse


Their name is based on the word "corrupt", and "chiroptera", the order containing bats.


  • The way that Corrupturas control other beings through attaching to their faces makes them similar to the Krana from the Bionicle series.
    • Corrupturas are also highly reminiscent of Starro the Conqueror's starfish spores (from the Justice League comics and the Batman: The Brave and The Bold cartoon) in form and function, right down to the single eye dominating the victims' faces.
    • Corrupturas are also highly reminiscent of the flesh buds used by Dio Brando during Part 3 of the anime and manga series JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, being launched from a vampire creature and being placed on someone's forehead to control them.


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