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Copy Copy is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Sonorosian[1][2] from the planet Sonorosia[merch 1] and the Dimension 23 equivalent of Echo Echo.

Powers and Abilities[]

Copy Copy can scream at audible to ultrasonic frequencies capable of shattering steel,[merch 2] redirecting projectiles in mid-flight,[3] blowing up multiple Laser Lances, and even damaging Taydenite at the right frequency.[DJW 1] Copy Copy can transmit sound waves through speakers, such as cellphones which can be used as a weapon for the person on the other line.[4]

Copy Copy has the ability to create an unknown number of exact duplicates of himself.[merch 3] These clones act so harmoniously that they can finish each other's sentences. Even if entire groups of his clones are destroyed, Copy Copy can survive as long as at least one of him is still intact.[5] Using his self-duplication, Copy Copy can create copies of any object he is holding while making clones.[2][GT 1][note 1]

Copy Copy can use his sonic screams to create a force field, as well as sonic waves.[6]

Copy Copy can levitate in the air.[7][8]

Copy Copy seems to have more strength than his size suggests, as Echo Echo was able to carry a power coupling completely on his own,[9] and kick off the trunk door from the Mark 10 with one foot.[5]

With the help of multiple clones, Copy Copy can throw a Plumber Ship about a meter,[10] carry a Murk Gourmand,[11] and hold his own against larger opponents such as the mechanical dragon,[12] a Highbreed,[13] and Ultimate Kevin.[5]

Copy Copy also appears to be rather durable, as Echo Echo and his clones were able to withstand being thrown against a wall.[12]

Copy Copy is quite agile, as he is capable of jumping exceptionally high.[12][3]

Using his sonic screams, Copy Copy can locate objects and people, giving him the ability of echolocation.[13]

Copy Copy can channel vibrations to enhance his screams, as seen when Echo Echo touched Kevin, who had absorbed Varsidium that caused him to vibrate when struck by Gwen's mana.[14]

When under the effects of a cold virus, Copy Copy can accidentally unleash sonic sneezes rather than intentional sonic screams.[15]


Copy Copy's sonic screams can easily hurt his teammates' ears.[12][16]

There is a limit to the number of duplicates Copy Copy can make, which depends on the amount of energy he has access to.[DM 1]

Copy Copy is vulnerable to fire, such as that generated by a Methanosian, an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts, and electricity generated by a Cerebrocrustacean.[5]

Copy Copy can be rendered unconscious if hit by a quill from a member of Argit's species.[3]

Copy Copy can be controlled by a Vladat via their Corrupturas.[DJW 3]

Copy Copy can be immobilized by a Necrofriggian's ice breath.[5]

Copy Copy can be affected by the cold virus.[15]



Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
German Kopie Kopie From Kopie, copy
Polish Kopia Kopia From kopia, copy
Portuguese (Br) Cópia From cópia, copy
Romanian Copii Copii From copii, copies
Russian Эхо Эхо From эхо, echo
Spanish (HA) Copión From copión, copycat


"Copy Copy" is a reference to the Sonorosian ability of self-duplication.



  1. According to Derrick J. Wyatt, Echo Echo's object duplication was due to a glitch in the original Ultimatrix. This ability was removed from Echo Echo's DNA when Ben acquired the new Omnitrix in The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2.[DJW 2] However, it is unknown if this is canon as Matt Wayne seemed to be unaware of the existence of glitch powers.[MW 1]



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