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He's a total super genius with any kind of machinery. Doesn't matter if it's human or alien.

Kevin's description of Cooper.[2]

Cooper[note 1] is one of Ben's allies. He is the grandson of one of Max's Plumber friends.[1]


Regular Appearances[]

Cooper has fair skin, blue eyes, freckles, and long, blond hair.

In the Original Series, he wore a white T-shirt underneath a purple sleeveless jersey with the number 3 written in yellow, a black necklace with a gold bead, black shorts, and white and purple shoes.

In an Omniverse flashback, Cooper had shorter hair, purple eyes, and crooked teeth. His attire looked similar to what he wore in the Original Series, but with a few minor changes: his necklace was completely gold, he had purple and yellow wristbands, his shirt was white again, his sneakers had yellow stripes, the 3 on his jersey was larger, and his shorts were yellow instead of black, and they had small purple stripes on the bottom.

In Alien Force, Cooper had gained weight. The rest of his appearance was the same as the Original Series, except for his T-shirt, which was gray.

In Ultimate Alien, Cooper had a growth spurt and became more muscular, and his attire remains unchanged. He also lost his freckles, and his hair is a lighter color.

Occasional Appearances[]

In Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 2, he wore goggles, and later, a visor.

In War of the Worlds: Part 1 and Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1, he wore a large red robotic suit in battle.

In War of the Worlds: Part 1, he briefly wore goggles.

In Prisoner Number 775 is Missing, he wore a Plumber suit.


Cooper is quite a well-meaning and friendly guy, although he can be quite naive as well. He can be a bit nervous but is still brave enough to fight or handle dangerous situations, as shown when he confronted Ultimate Kevin when he was about to hurt Gwen.[4] He has also had a crush on Gwen since they were pre-teens.[5] Gwen finds it sweet but does not return the feelings due to her feelings for Kevin, which the latter teases him about.[2]


Ben 10[]

Cooper first appeared in Ben 10 vs. the Negative 10, where Max picked him up from summer camp. He later proved critical to stopping the Negative 10, from saving Ben at Fort Knox, to upgrading the Rustbucket, and reactivating the Mt. Rushmore base defenses. However, he was put under Sublimino's control and turned on his friends. Gwen managed to knock him out, and he remained unconscious until after Sir Driscoll was defeated.

At some point after these events, Cooper developed a crush on Gwen.

Five Years Prior to Omniverse[]

In the flashback episode From Hedorium to Eternity, Cooper was called in by Ben to create a camera to spy inside Thaddeus J. Collins' house. Cooper was initially reluctant but changes his mind after he heard Gwen's name. The Surveillance Spider Cooper created infiltrated the house, but got stuck underground, with no signal.

Cooper joined Ben and the others in further investigating the matter. As they went inside the house, he offered to hold Gwen's hand, but she declined. Travelling into the caves beneath the house, they encountered Kevin, who had been enslaved by Collins to mine Hedorium. As Cooper worked on making Kevin more mobile, Kevin taunted him over his crush on Gwen, telling Cooper that he's the better guy.

Not long after, they discovered that Collins had been possessed by Zs'Skayr, who planned on bringing an invasion force of Ectonurites to Earth. In the battle that followed, Cooper succeeded in reversing Zs'Skayr's Transmat Portal, sending him and his servants back to Anur Transyl.

Alien Force[]

In Undercover, Cooper returned. Kevin suggested recruiting him to repair a Teleporter Pod. When they arrived at his lab, they found it ransacked and Cooper missing. Cooper left a message showing him being captured by DNAliens. When they arrived at Los Soledad they discovered that Cooper's technopathic abilities were used to make a powerful energy source, a large cloaking device, and were being used to build the arch. With Cooper's help the cloaking device is destroyed, and a trucker spotted the chaos and alerted the police.

In War of the Worlds, Cooper was recruited in a last stand attack on Los Soledad. He used his abilities to free Darkstar and created a weaponized robotic suit to fight the DNAliens. He later converted into devices that turn DNAliens back to normal. After the invasion ended, Cooper joined Manny, Pierce, Alan and Helen as pupils under Max.

In Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1, Cooper tried to stop Vilgax with his suit and failed.

Ultimate Alien[]

AP2 (46)

Cooper returns

Cooper returned in Absolute Power: Part 2, where he had experienced a growth spurt and was now tall and built, possessing a similar body shape as Kevin, being different from when he was short and chubby. He retained his big crush on Gwen, but Gwen was focused on saving Kevin. He agreed to Darkstar's plan to create a device to power the Dominus Librium to revert Ultimate Kevin. When Kevin approached Los Soledad, Darkstar reminded Cooper that the area is an abandoned military base and he realized that the area would obviously be filled with weapons, though they were no match for Ultimate Kevin.

Cooper later charged Ultimate Kevin in retaliation for attacking Gwen, though Ultimate Kevin outmatched him and tried to kill him. He was saved by Ultimate Echo Echo, who whispered something to him. After Ben prevented Darkstar from absorbing the power contained in the Dominus Librium, he explained that he knew Darkstar's plan all along and told Cooper to build something to stop him, which he did. Afterwards, Gwen kissed Cooper on the cheek. He then witnessed, much to his chagrin, Gwen and Kevin sharing a passionate kiss on the lips.

PN775IM (67)

Cooper wearing a Plumber suit

In Prisoner Number 775 is Missing, Cooper told Max that Area 51 was gone and nothing was left but a giant hole. He also told him that whatever the Air Force had learned, they would never tell him. He added that no one knows technology like him, and he had never seen anything like that. Later, when Max, Ben, Gwen, and Kevin arrived, he saw Gwen and stared at her while smiling.

Powers and Abilities[]

Sometimes, if I concentrate real hard, I- I can sort of see inside machines and junk like that.

– Cooper to Gwen.[6]

Cooper is a technopath, able to mentally merge with and control electronic devices, both terrestrial and alien at will. He can telekinetically disassemble and reassemble any technology as well as telepathically interface and communicate with machines to analyze and gather information.

He also has a genius-level intellect, as he was able to upgrade the Rustbucket's turbo engine,[1] being even smarter than Gwen, as she alongside Ben, Jonesy, Lucy and Kevin were unable to understand him explaining the Transmat Portal's abilities before he simplifies in order for them to understand.[5]

While using these abilities, his eye color would turn into a bluish color with a robotic-like print on them to show his connection to technology.

While unknown to what degree, after his growth spurt, Cooper is strong and durable enough to plow through a wall.[4]


Cooper's signature power, despite being useful to manipulate technology, can render him slightly unconscious, at least when he was at a young age. This can also leave him wide open to attacks.[6] While the power itself is useful, it can't affect purely mechanical entities that lack any need for electricity to function, especially ferrous components.

Cooper can be knocked out from high-pitched frequencies.[6]

Cooper is vulnerable to hypnosis.[6]


Love Interests[]

Gwen Tennyson[]

Cooper has had a crush on Gwen ever since a flashback in From Hedorium to Eternity, though the feeling is not mutual. Cooper was called in by Ben to create a camera to spy inside Thaddeus J. Collins' house. Cooper was initially reluctant, but changed his mind after he heard Gwen's name. As Cooper worked on making Kevin more mobile, Kevin taunted him over his crush on Gwen, telling Cooper that he was the better guy.

Four years later, when the team recruited Cooper for the final battle against the Highbreed, Cooper happily agreed. He also expressed a distaste for Darkstar after he referred to Gwen as "Lovely Gwen".[7]

AP2 (567)

Gwen kissing Cooper on the cheek

When Kevin had mutated into Ultimate Kevin, Cooper agreed to Darkstar's plan to create a device to power the Dominus Librium to revert Ultimate Kevin. Cooper later charged Ultimate Kevin in retaliation for attacking Gwen, though Ultimate Kevin outmatched him and tried to kill him, though he was saved by Ultimate Echo Echo. After they finally managed to revert Ultimate Kevin to human, Gwen kissed Cooper on the cheek.[4]


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Ben 10 Alien Force: Vilgax Attacks[]

Cooper is outwitted into helping Albedo make an energy core for Vilgax by extracting energy from a supply of Taydenite on MorOtesi. He directs the team to the energy core and helps Gwen and Kevin find Ben after he defeats Albedo.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction[]

Cooper is brainwashed by Psyphon to lure Ben to fight him in Tokyo. He then becomes the boss in Tokyo. Ben destroys a piece of Potis Altiare to save him. After the battle, Ben brings Cooper to the Rustbucket 3. Ben gets Gwen to teleport him home to rally the other Plumbers' Helpers against Evil Way Big. He tries to kiss Gwen, but Kevin does not allow him.

On the DS version, Ben encounters him at the Research Lab in Venezuela.


  • Cooper plays an MMORPG called Nations of Conquest.[2]
  • Cooper did not appear in Above and Beyond because his powers would have revealed the true nature of the satellite and the reason why he and the rest of the Plumbers' Helpers were brought there.[DM 1]
  • Cooper was not intended to appear in Prisoner Number 775 is Missing. In the original script, a nameless Plumber was supposed to be in his place. Peter David was not aware that this was changed until the episode aired.[PD 1]
  • Cooper's Omniverse flashback design was created by Derrick J. Wyatt.[DJW 3]
  • If Cooper appeared in present day in Omniverse, he'd probably appear a bit more rounded and barrel chested, but still retain his "gangsta" style from From Hedorium to Eternity.[DJW 4]
  • Eugene Son feels that changing Cooper's appearance in Ultimate Alien created the potential of a change in the relationship dynamics between him, Gwen and Kevin and that it is fun to see the gawky kid grow up to be a strapping young guy capable of holding his own in a fight.[ES 1]


  1. On August 10, 2009, this page was renamed to "Cooper Daniels" by a user named Grimzilla32. "Daniels" was later added to the page for Vengeance of Vilgax: Part 1 on September 13, 2009 by a user named Fiskerton Phantom. No source for the name was provided in either of these instances. Cooper's surname was never mentioned on-screen or on any merchandise until April 17, 2014, with the release of the graphic novel Parallel Paradox. However, since the book is non-canon[MW 1] and did not have the involvement of any crew members who worked on the series,[DJW 2] the wiki does not consider "Daniels" to be Cooper's canon surname.[3]


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