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Conductoids are a species from the Teslavorr Nebula.


Conductoids have black bodies with one eye in the middle of their head. They have two antennae and a tail that looks like plugs on the end, which allows them to draw energy to themselves, like how a plug plugs in electricity through the tips. They have four fingers on each hand, with similar plugs on the tip of each finger that help them absorb energy and two toes.

Conductoids gain bolts on their wrists, hips, and shoulders as they age.

Conductoids can have different hair styles using their antennae.[DJW 1]


Conductoids are not social beings. Males of the species are negatively charged, while females are positively charged. If too many males occupy the same area for an extended period of time, the resulting arc could destroy them all. The same holds true for females. Because the consequences of social groups are so potentially devastating, Conductoids tend to be solitary creatures.[OV Brief 1]


Conductoids feed on eddies and currents of higher-energy particles near protostars.[OV Brief 1]

Powers and Abilities

Conductoids have the ability to absorb and redirect energy,[CN 1] most commonly electricity. This ability is refined to the point that Conductoids can redirect any type of energy and an infinite amount[DR 1] at near point-blank range. They absorb energy through the plug-like conductors on their antennae, tail, and fingers.

Conductoids can absorb energy out of living beings, as seen when Feedback battled Argost[1] and Phil in his Terroranchula form.[2][3]

Conductoids can absorb a Crystalsapien's ultraviolet beams,[DJW 2] tachyon particles fired from a Tachyon Cannon,[4] the energy of an Annihilargh,[5] and multiversal levels of energy (as long as the energy of these other universes have their basis in the same set of physical laws).[DR 2]

Conductoids can use stored energy to generate electrical charges, which can be used as ranged attacks or to empower their punches.[6]

Conductoids can fire energy balls by joining their fingers and absorbing the energy out of electric devices.[7]

Conductoids have enhanced agility and jumping abilities, and possesses enhanced speed but only while running quickly on electrical power lines.[7]

Conductoids can fly by projecting energy behind them like a jet engine.[8][9]

Conductoids have enhanced strength, as Feedback can punch a boulder apart[6] and charge into a building by busting down a wall with ease.[10]

Conductoids have enhanced durability, as Feedback quickly shrugged off Malware's blast that made him fall into water[8] and was unfazed when Terroranchula Phil threw him against a wall.[2]

Conductoids are able to stretch the plugs on their head, hips, and hands for more range.[2] They can also "smell" radio signals by using their antennae.[11]

Conductoids can levitate, as shown when Feedback was about to defeat Maltruant with the energy released by the latter's Annihilargh.[12]

Due to being born in a nebula rather than a planet, it is implied that Conductoids can survive in the vacuum of space.[OV Brief 1]


Conductoids need to absorb energy from time to time to fight because the energy contained within them will deplete with use.[8]

A Conductoid's antennae can be easily pulled on, causing them great discomfort and leaving them stuck in place.[10]

A Conductoid's electric blasts are occasionally ineffective against opponents who can absorb electricity, such as Phil[2] or Crystalsapiens.

Conductoids cannot stop themselves from shooting their electric energy blasts, meaning they will have to resort to shooting it all up in the air to avoid any collateral damage if they fail to catch their target.[10]

Notable Conductoids

Notable Conductoid Hybrids


The name "Conductoid" comes from the Latin word "conduct", which means "to serve as a channel or medium for (heat, electricity, sound, etc.)". This references their energy absorption and redirecting abilities.


  • Conductoids easily travel through Teslavorr, using minute voltage differences between to propel themselves.[OV Brief 1]
  • It is believed that Conductoids may be crucial to stellar formation, although that theory has yet to be proven.[OV Brief 1]
  • Derrick J. Wyatt once claimed that a Conductoid's appearance could likely be a containment suit.[DJW 3] However, he eventually refuted the statement, admitting that he was wrong.[DJW 4]


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