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Ben 10 Comics are comics based on but still noncanon to the Ben 10 TV series by Man of Action. Writer: Jason Hall, Artist: Min G. Kuand and Colorist: Heroic Age. Ben 10 Comic revolves around Ben's summer vacation along traveling with Gwen and their Grandpa Max traveling in the Rust Bucket. Ben 10: Alien Force Comic revolves around Ben battling the Highbreed and the DNAliens along with Gwen and a reformed Kevin. A new series called Ben 10: Ultimate Alien will also have a comic book based on the series.

Ben 10 Comics

Old Friends: Elena Validus and Ben were attacked by their grandfather's old enemies.

Aliens: Fourarms.

Additional Heroes: Elena Validus, Vicktor Validus (flashback).

AF Comics

Ultimate Alien Comic

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Comic

Past is the Key to the Future: A doomsday bomb is accidentally detonated by Kevin, the trio goes back in time to find the missing piece to 5 years back.

Aliens: Swampfire, Big Chill, and Heatblast.

Additional Heroes: Younger Ben Tennyson (but acts as a Villain).

Brief Mysteries of Time: The trio battles six DNAliens, but when it comes to the last ones, the time-loop generator loops the trio and the DNAliens "forever".

Aliens: Spidermonkey and Chromastone.

Additional heroes: Professor Paradox.

Lazy Day: It's Saturday. Ben prepares for a lazy day unless his mom has some chores for him. But later, his parents acted weird and let him have his lazy day. Later, Gwen and Kevin and him drives to the country and finds DNAliens created an Apathetic gas which disrupts the trio's mind.

Aliens: Big Chill.

Additional Heroes: None.

Backcountry Battleground: Ben, Gwen and Kevin skates. But when it gets worst when, DNAliens plans to sent the beacon to space to call off the armada.

Aliens: Humongousaur, Brainstorm, Echo Echo and Jetray.

Additional Heroes: None.

Benstorm: Ben needs to get A+ or get grounded, so, with a help from Cooper, he absorbed Brainstorm's Intellect, Ben had become "colder' and more egomaniacal.

Aliens: Brainstorm and Humongousaur.

Additional Heroes: Julie Yamamoto and Cooper. Villains: Forever Robot.

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