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Collectimus is a villain that appeared in Ben 10: Omniverse.


Collectimus has large purple lens glasses and has light green skin with dark green robes and armor. He is small and sits on a golden chair.


He can be seen as a stereotypical nerd collector and is a perfectionist when it comes to collecting, (i.e.: rare items, complete sets, pristine condition, etc.). He considers himself to be above galactic law, and that even the planet Earth is nothing more than a collectible, due to the fact that it was signed by the "Real Ben 10" and was willing to trade it for an original T-shirt.



Collectimus either comes from the universe before the Prime Timeline or from the AFA Continuum.[DJW 1]


Collectimus makes his debut in Collect This, where he is called to Earth by Simian. When he arrives, he encloses the Earth in a collector's box. His goal is to add Ben into his collection, whom he idolized. When Simian demands his earnings, the collector is reminded that he is Gwevin and catches him. Tennyson offers his T-shirt from five years ago in exchange for the planet. The alien takes the gift and returns the Earth, before departing.

Powers and Abilities


Collectimus' chair can hover and possesses various weapons and equipment. According to himself, the chair's technology is far beyond any other in the universe. It came into existence at the moment of his creation.[DJW 2]

Collectimus can use his cards as blank slots so he can preserve and collect items and people. His cards can also preserve weapons such as lasers.

In addition to weapons, Collectimus' cards can preserve defenses such as force fields that can surround a planet within a cube-shaped containment field.


Due to his chair's technology being supposedly more advanced than any other in the universe, Collectimus claims to be undefeatable. However, his main weakness seems to be his fanatical obsession of collecting all things related to Ben 10. He was even willing to trade the entire planet Earth for Ben's old T-shirt.



Season 6

Season 8


  • Collecitmus is a fan of The Ben 10 Show and collects all Ben 10 merchandise.
  • Collectimus knows that Ben recreated the universe in So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies.
  • Collectimus doesn't age.[DJW 3]
  • Collectimus resembles several Marvel Comics villains such as the Collector (because he collects items), Galactus (because of his name and physical details), and MODOK (because of his chair).
    • Speaking of MODOK, Collectimus shares the same voice actor as MODOK's appearances in recent Marvel animated series and video games.
  • Collectimus resembles Metron of DCs New Gods and the original version of Zodak the Cosmic Enforcer from Masters of The Universe, both of whom fly around multiverses with unfathomable cosmic powers in cosmic chairs.
    • He also most closely resembles the DC character Batmite, being an extremely obsessive fan with extradimensional powers.
  • Apparently, Collectimus is the reason why The Ben 10 Show keeps having Gwevin constantly re-casted. He had admitted to "collecting" the first 12 Gwevins and did not hesitate to collect Simian as the 13th.
  • Collectimus seems to represent a stereotypical sci-fi geek.
  • The cloud he makes when he teleports is similar to the one used by the fairies from the Nickelodeon show The Fairly Oddparents when they "poof" anywhere.


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