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If I was going to build a robot octopus, I'd make it run on clockwork.

– A townsfolk on the Clocktopus.[1]

Clocktopus is a robot built and operated by Steam Smythe, that makes its first appearance in The Clocktopus.


It looks like a giant robotic octopus, with a brown body and grey tentacles. It has multiple crooked pipes on its head, which act like a chimneys along with a bigger chimney on front. There is a clock on the big chimney.


It first appeared in The Clocktopus, when Steam Smythe wanted squid city to stay forever, which Ben did not like since he was afraid of squids. The Clocktopus was downed by XLR8 and Four Arms, its tentacles being ripped off before it was knocked into the ocean.

In the episode Bon Voyage, it returns and attacks the SS Pettigrew.

In Steam Fight at the OK Corral, the Clocktopus returns with some significant modernized modifications, under Steam Smythe following the advice of Kevin to defeat Ben (including a digital clock display, lasers and solar panels to help power it). However, when the two fail to work together, the Clocktopus becomes very easily and swiftly damaged. The Clocktopus' rampage is stopped only when Smythe hears it being complimented by the fellow townsfolk.

In Ben 10,010, the Clocktopus attacks a hot spring, where it easily overpowers Surge and captures Gwen before being defeated by Ben 10,000 as Four Arms.


Clocktopus are two names combined with the words "clock" and "octopus".


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