Omniverse is always taking place "now." Ultimate Alien is always taking place just before Omniverse. Alien Force was always taking place "now," until Ultimate Alien aired, at which point it took place about a year ago.
-Dwayne McDuffie's concept of "now", implying the use of a floating timeline because of the nature of a floating timeline the contents are subject to revision

In this timeline, all of the canon Ben 10 episodes take place.

It is the timeline where nearly the entire Ben 10 series take place. Ken 10, Ben 10: Race Against Time didn't directly happen in this timeline and Gwen 10, Goodbye and Good Riddance are what if episodes.

The Beginning

  • The Universe had been created by the Contemelia.
  • Timelines started to branch and the Slimebiotes started their life long mission of seeding life across the growing universe.

Prior to 231AD

  • Millions of years prior to Omniverse
  • Before 231AD
    • Azmuth is born.
    • Zennith is born.
    • Azmuth creates Primus and later begins creation on Ascalon.
    • Zennith leaves Azmuth, he doesn't know until he found her gone when he finishes creating Ascalon.


20th Century

21st Century

  • 2000s
    • Kevin destroys his house due to his insanity, then runs away thinking his punishment was being kicked out on the street.
    • Mrs. Levin divorces Harvey.
  • 6 years ago
    • Summer
      • The events of Ben 10 take place.



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