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Ben! Where's Paradox? The Chronosapiens have gone rogue, and Maltruant's temporal beasts are on a cross-dimensional rampage! This Time War is getting out of hand!

Ben 10,000 to his younger self.[1]

Chronosapiens[2][3] are a species of biomechanical lifeforms. They're robotic, metallic, and appear to be more machine-like than biological.


Chronosapiens are large, round semi-humanoid aliens generally resembling mechanical clocks.[DJW 1] They have translucent windows on their chests displaying their innards, which appear to be various gears, and round short heads with a semi-circular appendage on top.

When moving, Chronosapiens produce gear-like sounds.

Chronosapiens come in a wide variety of colors,[DJW 2] including golden-yellow and black.


Chronosapiens have strict laws regarding time travel.[DJW 3] If any Chronosapien breaks these laws, the offender will have their time cogs taken away.[DJW 4]

Similar to Celestialsapiens, Chronosapiens do not like Professor Paradox. Not only do they not approve of his methods, but Paradox also does not follow their laws.[DJW 5]

Chronosapiens play a strategy game similar to chess where they theoretically rewrite points in time that would make dramatic improvements to the present.[DJW 6]


At some point during the Time War, Maltruant[DJW 7] caused the Chronosapiens to go rogue.[4][1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Chronosapiens possess chronokinesis, which gives them control over time itself; Chronosapiens can fire time rays from their hands or chest, which have various effects like sending people back in time,[5] aging an object/person to dust,[6] reversing the effects of a Chronosapien Time Bomb, sending people into a different timeline,[7] and reverting them to a previous state while also immobilizing them.[8]

Chronosapiens possess chronopathy, which grants them a fine-tuned sense of precise time and determines the exact time an event has taken or will take place and for how long, as demonstrated by Maltruant.[9]

Chronosapiens can sense the use of another member of their species' powers and undo the resulting effects if needed.[7]

Chronosapiens can slow down time around themselves, making it look like to others that they're moving at very high speeds.[10]

By rotating the key on their heads, Chronosapiens can create hologram-like projections of what happened in the past.[11][12]

Chronosapiens can travel through time.[13][5]

Chronosapiens have a degree of enhanced strength, as Clockwork was able to throw a pipe so hard it became heavily embedded into a wall.[10] Chronosapiens also possess enhanced durability, shown when Looma viciously threw Clockwork at a wall.[14]

Because they are robotic in nature, Chronosapiens can survive in the vacuum of space, as demonstrated by Maltruant.[9]

With enough power and skill, a Chronosapien can perform a temporal consciousness inversion in which a person's consciousness is swapped with that of a younger or older version of the target in question,[DJW 8] much like what Eon did to Ben Prime's 16 and 11-year-old selves.[1]

Chronosapiens can rotate their heads 360° degrees.[DJW 9]

Because they are technological beings, it is possible for a Galvanic Mechamorph to merge with Chronosapiens.[8]


A Chronosapien's time powers are completely useless in a place where there is no time at all, such as before the birth of a universe, as demonstrated with Maltruant.[15]

Chronosapiens can be temporarily disabled if they are exposed to a large electromagnetic pulse, such as that from a solar pulse.[4][9]

A Chronosapien's aging time rays are ineffective against anything diamond-related such as Petrosapiens, since they take millions or even billions of years to age.[13][5]

The use of a Chronosapien's time powers creates a ripple effect in time that can be sensed or reversed by another Chronosapien.[7]

A Chronosapien's bulky body makes them relatively slower than other opponents and makes them an easy target for enemy attacks, as Clockwork admits that he "is not good for dodging".[10] Similarly, because of their large body and short legs, Chronosapien cannot run very fast and tire out quickly.[3]

Unlike Maltruant, regular Chronosapiens are unable to travel through dimensions, even when they are upgraded by a Galvanic Mechamorph.[DJW 10][16]

Because they are mechanical-based beings, Chronosapiens can be magnetized by a Biot-savartian.[DJW 11]

Chronosapiens can be affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[DJW 12]

Chronosapiens are vulnerable to having his body dismantled by a Planchaküle.[DJW 13] Despite that, they can still function if they lose some of their parts.[DJW 14]

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