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Chronians were a species from the planet Chronia in Ben 10: Race Against Time. As of Ben 10,000 Returns, Chronians no longer exist in the animated Ben 10 continuity.[DJW 1]


Physically, Chronians look like humans. When they grow older, their skin takes on a slight violet tint and becomes more pasty, and their eyes become surrounded by strange brown marks.


Chronia was a beautiful world until its people ruined it in their greed to obtain more power over space and time.[pop-up 1]

The Chronians used their powers to place themselves in another dimension to escape the effects of time, but wound up stuck there.[pop-up 2]

Planning to conquer Earth, the Chronians were freed when Eon used the Hands of Armageddon to open a time rift between Earth and Chronia, but the Chronian invasion was sent back when Max deactivated the Hands.

Powers and Abilities

Chronian fleet

Chronians are able to manipulate time at its base level, allowing them to accelerate, reverse, or halt the progression of time in their immediate vicinity. They can affect the progression of time for either specific areas and people, while leaving other parts of the vicinity moving at normal time. This allows them freeze or reverse time for certain individuals, or age other living things into a desiccated, zombie-like state "in the blink of an eye".

Chronian's energy illusion

Their power over time allows them limited molecular manipulation abilities, allowing them to create illusions and mirages. This allowed Eon to appear to be burned up by Heatblast and fake his death.

They can fire energy blasts and produce energy spheres (for purposes such as offensive attacks or for activating Chronian technology). Their energy can even become electrical and allows a Chronian to manipulate and control technology and machines from any race, such as vehicles or clockwork gears.

They can also teleport, opening a portal where they stand or vanishing into a purple haze.


Though very powerful, especially as an entire species, Chronians' powers can backfire on them if they misuse them; this is how the Chronian race became trapped outside of time. It would also seem that overusing their powers weakens Chronians and speeds up their aging process. A Chronian can be incapacitated via cryo-stasis, although this is not necessarily a permanent solution. It has been shown as well that Chronians, like humans, possess an average- or below-average pain tolerance, meaning they can be momentarily hurt and stunned by physical strikes or energy blasts.

Notable Chronians


The name "Chronian" comes from the name "Chronos", the name of the Primordial God of time from Greek and Roman mythologies.


  • Derrick J. Wyatt believes that there is no equivalent alien species for the Chronians.[DJW 1]
  • Duncan Rouleau believes that the younger Eon still exists as a transformation for an alternate version of Ben in the multiverse.[DR 1] Therefore, it is likely that Chronians may exist as a genuine species in specific universes.


Derrick J. Wyatt

Duncan Rouleau


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