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The Chimeran Hammer[pop-up 1][1] was a legendary and feared battle cruiser that blazed across galaxies, and is Vilgax's main residence.[merch 1]


In the Original Series, the Chimeran Hammer is an immense ship; brown in color with orange egg-like constructs all around, used to accent the body and some used as portholes. Shape-wise, it resembles an Earth taser, with two long extended pieces constantly generating orange electricity between them. Its back-end features a propulsion system that resembles wires holding a ball of red energy. The ship has visible turrets and antennae.

In Omniverse, the Chimeran Hammer has some notable differences from its Original Series appearance, including lots more visible weaponry, the previous "wires" in back are now three arm-like extensions, and there is a much taller control tower on top, spanning multiple stories and having wings and antennae.



The Chimeran Hammer appears in a flashback in A New Dawn when Ben Tennyson causes Maltruant to crash in 1773. A space elevator drops from the ship and anchors to the ground, which Vilgax uses to arrive to Earth. This would be later referred to by the Plumbers as the "cherry tree". Later, Vilgax escapes up it to retreat, and George Washington severs the tether by firing at it two electrically charged axes.

Some time prior to Ben 10[]

The Chimeran Hammer was not Vilgax's first ship, having already possessed a similarly designed vessel beforehand when he was younger.[2]

During the late 70's, Vilgax clashed with the Plumbers many times, culminating in a standoff at a military base, where Vilgax used the Hammer's tractor beam to steal nuclear missiles while facing off against Plumbers Max Tennyson and Phil Billings. Max managed to fasten him to a missile as it started to take off, flying right into the Hammer and destroying it. This incident led a majority of the human Plumbers to believe that Vilgax died in the explosion.

Ben 10[]

The Chimeran Hammer is seen in the first episode of the original series, where it travels across the solar system pursuing Xylene's ship, as he learned it was transporting the Omnitrix. Both ships were damaged in the battle, with a giant blast from the Hammer nearly completely destroying Xylene's ship, but not before it landed a devastating shot on the Hammer's bridge, destroying it and crippling Vilgax in the process. This happened above Earth, and Xylene's ship jettisoned the Omnitrix in a pod to the planet, its wreck subsequently falling to it as well. In And Then There Was Ben, it is revealed that the bridge only got destroyed due to a shield malfunction caused by No Watch Ben as Grey Matter.

During the first season of Ben 10, the Chimeran Hammer stayed in orbit above Earth while Vilgax slowly recuperated from his near-fatal injuries in an onboard healing tank, while drones repaired the outside damages. During this time, Vilgax was still just as determined to obtain the Omnitrix, and commanded from his tank countless drones, three bounty hunters, and one Mechadroid-infused criminal who allowed him to interface with the current wielder of the Omnitrix through his DNA,[DR 1] all the while intercepting Earth's broadcasts reporting on the Omnitrix wielder's heroics.

After all the efforts failed, and having finally recovered, Vilgax came to Earth to get the Omnitrix himself. Tracking the device while it was being used, he came down in a deadly rolling transport and with a small army of Mechadroids, attacking Rapid City in order to draw the wielder out. Ben fought the Mechadroids off in the streets, but Vilgax managed to capture him and bring him aboard the Chimeran Hammer to cut off the boy's hand. As the ship was going to take off, Max burst through the ship's hull in the Rustbucket to save his grandson, causing a power surge that caused Ben cycle between all his aliens. While onboard, Max overloads the Hammer's engine core, causing the ship to self-destruct in a massive explosion with only Vilgax left on board.

Vilgax survived by teleporting out at the last second into deep space.[pop-up 2][3]

After escaping the Null Void, Vilgax uses a borrowed ship to fight the Resolute during Secret of the Omnitrix.

5 years prior to Omniverse[]

In Bengeance is Mine, the rebuilt ship is seen in a flashback when Vilgax was threatening Ben with his Squid Monsters.


BIM (255)

Inside the Chimeran Hammer

In Vreedlemania, the Chimeran Hammer makes a brief reappearance, as Vilgax descends in a hovering device to announce an invasion, but hastily retreats when Ma Vreedle told him to scram.

The Chimeran Hammer appears in Malgax Attacks, when Vilgax, alongside Albedo, uses it to invade Galvan Prime. While fighting Vilgax in his new form as Atomix, Ben crashed into the ship's power room. While they were fighting, Max had already found a way on board, and was trying to deactivate the Mechadroids invading Galvan Prime. Ben continues his fight with Vilgax and wins with the help of Skurd, knocking Vilgax into the warp core and causing the ship to self-destruct, petrifying Vilgax in the process.


Ben 10 Vilgax ship design by Devilpig


The Chimeran Hammer is very well-armed, having many laser weapons, without even mentioning the giant taser-shaped weapon responsible for a bulk of the ship's size. It also had visible cannons in which physical projectiles (or Cannonbolt) could be loaded.

Its armor seems decent, as when its shields were not being tampered with by No Watch Ben, it could contend with Xylene's Ship and seemed to be winning.

The speed of the Chimeran Hammer is very high - it had pursued Xylene's Ship, which is considerably smaller, without any difficulty.

Rooms of the ship include a control room, an interrogation room, a room that held a healing tank, a room that held Squid Monsters, a power room for storing a warp core, a training room, and many corridors and elevators connecting said rooms.


Medi-Tube[merch 2] was the Chimeran Hammer's incubator, used by Vilgax to repair his body after he was severely injured in And Then There Were 10.

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Ben 10: Protector of Earth[]

The Chimeran Hammer serves as the location of the final battle with Vilgax. It was destroyed when Ben accidentally destabilized the Null Void projector and caused the ship to be sucked into the Null Void.


  • Vilgax's Star Ship Set


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