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Chimera Sui Generis, often shortened to Chimerans, are a species from the planet Murray, which was later renamed Vilgaxia.


They are similar to their appearance in the original series with minor changes, such as having different muscle types and their tentacles fading into orange. Their colored sacs on their necks being various colors (red in case of Vilgax, while green in case of Gax). Every Chimera Sui Generis seen so far has a muscular body, excluding Vilgax prior to absorbing Gax.

Powers and Abilities

Chimera Sui Generis have incredible natural strength, durability, and agility. They also have the ability to shapeshift their arms into tentacles, which are sharp enough to pierce rock.

They can project laser beams from their eyes.

Notable Chimera Sui Generis


The name Chimera Sui Generis comes from "Chimera", a mythical beast with parts from many different animals, and "Sui Generis", a Latin term that means "of its own kind/genus" or unique in its characteristics which roughly translates to "Chimera of its own kind".

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