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Chimera Sui Generis,[1][merch 1] often shortened to Chimerans,[2][3] are a species from the planet Vilgaxia.[4]


They are similar to their appearance in the original series with minor changes, such as having different muscle types and their tentacles fading into orange. The sacs on their necks come in various colors (red in case of Vilgax, while green in case of Gax). Every Chimera Sui Generis seen so far has a muscular body, excluding Vilgax prior to absorbing Gax.


Chimerans view using their tentacles as childish and impolite.[KT 1][KT 2]


Chimera Sui Generis appear to be carnivores, as they eat humans for breakfast instead of eggs.[2][5]

Powers and Abilities[]

Chimera Sui Generi are strong enough to lift the Rustbucket,[6] a giant boulder, two giant trees, and a multitude of other aliens with relative ease.[3][7] Technically speaking, they are physically stronger than Quad Smack, who is already stronger than regular Tetramands.[8]

Chimerans can project powerful laser beams from their eyes that are capable of starting fires if they choose to do so.[3]

Chimerans have shapeshifting arms that could change into a bunch of tentacles (five on each arm) that were very powerful, retaining equal strength to their arms as a whole. This allows them to grab opponents, run quickly, and swing great distances.

Chimerans are very skilled climbers, using their sharp claws to dig into the ground.

Chimerans are highly durable, as Vilgax has been able to survive being submerged in lava,[9] a lab explosion,[10] and attacks from a powerful Fulmini.[11]

Chimerans can telepathically sense parts of their DNA; this was how Vilgax was able to track down his missing half.[3]

Chimerans can live for an extremely long time, as Vilgax was able to survive being split in half for thousands of years.[8][CN 1]


Chimera Sui Generi are limited to how much damage they can take, as an alternate Vilgax was overwhelmed and killed by a massive explosion caused by Evil Ben as Four Arms shattering the Omnitrix.[12]

There is a limit to a Chimeran's heat resistance, as Vilgax gained burn marks on his skin from his near-death experience with lava.[9]

Chimerans are vulnerable to electricity, such as a Fulmini's Omni-Enhanced energy, as demonstrated with Vilgax.[13]

Chimera Sui Generis are vulnerable to having their DNA absorbed, which will result in their components becoming incomplete.[3][8]

Chimerans are vulnerable to the telekinetic abilities of High Override, as demonstrated with Vilgax.[11]

If a Chimeran is reckless with their lasers, it can cause fire damage.[3]

Notable Chimera Sui Generis[]

Notable Chimera Sui Generis Hybrids[]

Incomplete Chimera Sui Generis[]

  • Vilgax (formerly)

Non-Canon Chimera Sui Generis[]


The name Chimera Sui Generis comes from "Chimera", a mythical beast with parts from many different animals, and "Sui Generis", a Latin term that means "of its own kind/genus" or unique in its characteristics which roughly translates to "Chimera of its own kind".


  • Chimeran arms did not originally divide into tentacles, and were a late addition to the episode. It was inspired from the crew joking on how Vilgax's Classic Counterpart looked as if he were a squid that wrapped its tentacles up to pretend to be humanoid, and storyboard artist Kelly Turnbull liked the idea so much, they went back and re-story boarded all of the fight scenes to implement it despite their arm being broken at the time.[KT 3]
  • Chimera Sui Generis' natural ability to shoot lasers from their eyes is a power used by Vilgax in Alien Force.


  1. It is initially believed that Gax's DNA was no longer available in the Omnitrix after Vilgax absorbed the transformation to restore himself in Omni-Tricked: Part 3.[DR 1] However, this would later be contradicted by Gax's tentacled being briefly seen during Animo's transformation into Rath.[10]
    • Therefore, it is implied that Gax was simply locked from the active playlist and still available within the Omnitrix.[14]


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