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The Charms of Bezel are six magical talismans that grant the wielder different unique powers and abilities depending on the charm. The final talisman is the Keystone of Bezel, which can increase the Charms' abilities ten times over.


Charm of Luck and Probability

The charm of luck quite literally reverses Murphy’s Law, meaning it grants the wielder supernaturally good luck. This causes anything and everything to go their way, but only if there was a possibility of it going their way in the first place. It makes all of the possessor's endeavors succeed in a good way, however any opponents that may happen to be nearby suffer from increased misfortune.

Charm of Resurrection

The charm of resurrection returns it’s host to life or recover from physical wounds and injuries and regain consciousness if the user is unconscious (after a short amount of time).

Charm of Pyrokinesis

The charm of pyrokinesis grants its host the ability to magically generate, blast, and telekinetically manipulate fire.

Charm of Telekinesis

Allows the wielder to fly through the air at incredible speeds and also have great telekinetic control and manipulation over multiple objects or people all at once.

Charm of Electrokinesis

Much like the charm of pyrokinesis, the charm of electrokinesis grants the wielder the ability to create, generate, control, and manipulate all forms of electrical energy at will.

The Keystone of Bezel

Increases all of the natural powers, abilities, and skills of the possessor, and amplifies the power of the charms tenfold.



Bezel created the charms a very long time ago, during his quest for magical power. The creation of the charms, along with their destruction and recreation over the ensuing years, softened the veil of reality that separates the main dimension from Legerdomain. This weakened the barrier between realities enough for other magic-using humans like Hex or Charmcaster or whomever to tap into the power of the Legerdomain, as well as eventually letting them enter the other realm.[DJW 1]

Ben 10

The Charms of Bezel first appear in the episode Lucky Girl where Hex plans to use them in combination with the Archamada Book of Spells in a ritual to make himself all powerful. He's initially foiled by Ben Tennyson as XLR8 who in the process steals one of the charms and gives it to Gwen as a gift. It's soon made apparent that the charm grants the wielder supernaturally good luck and Gwen uses it to become the super heroine "Lucky Girl."

Later at a "Haunted house" Hex goes on a rampage to lure Gwen in. Although the Charm helps some, it is no miracle worker and Gwen ends up losing on account that she never stood a chance against Hex. Later on, at a Graveyard, Hex attempts a ritual to make him all powerful, but is foiled by the a combination of Gwen and Ben as Four Arms.

Later on Gwen admits that with all the charms she'd be unstoppable, but destroys them anyway to keep them out of the wrong hands. Later on in Tough Luck, Gwen finds another of the charms, known as the Keystone of Bezel, at a souvenir stand in Las Vegas. The stone amplifies all of Gwen's abilities ten-fold and she uses it to reclaim her Lucky Girl Persona. Hex joined by his niece Charmcaster comes to steal the stone.

Charmcaster succeeds in taking the stone by feigning fear of her uncle and using it Hex performs a ritual to restore the other stones. After a lengthy battle between the two magicians and Ben as Wildvine on his hoverboard, Ben destroys the recreated stones and seems to drain away Hex and Charmcaster's powers. Gwen keeps the Keystone unaware of the fact that it has retained at least some of its power.


The Charm of Telekinesis mysteriously reappeared in Mystery, Incorporeal in the possession of Professor Xagliv, by means of an anonymous donor. It soon ended up in Michael Morningstar's hands, being used to draw enough power to bring Legerdomain to the main dimension, but when that failed, Gwen (in her Anodite form) managed to regain it, using it to fly through the air at great speeds toward the end of the episode.

In Third Time's a Charm, after Gwen imprisoned Charmcaster she kept the charms along with her bag.

Alternate Future

Gwendolyn using the charms

Gwendolyn journeyed at some point to the dimension of Bezel, where she had new charms made for her.[pop-up 1][1]

Video Games


Three Charms, all identical, appear inside the portals in Ship. They seem to be the source of the portals.


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  • Originally, the Charms of Bezel were not magic, instead, they were advanced Bezelian technology that seemed magic to Earth.[pop-up 2][2] This was retconned in Omniverse, as Bezel was revealed to be a person.[3]
  • It is unknown how the Charms of Bezel were restored or remade by the time of Omniverse.
  • The Charms of Bezel, with their different functions that seemingly grant the user ultimate power when assembled, bear some similarities to the six Infinity Gems (also known as Infinity Stones) from Marvel Comics. Each gem controls a different aspect of existence;
    • Blue - Space
    • Green - Time
    • Purple - Power
    • Red - Reality
    • Yellow - Mind
    • Orange - Soul


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