Charmcaster's Bag is a magical bag.


  • Charmcaster shooting out rings from her bag
  • Charmcaster's bat creatures in her bag
  • Charmcaster taking out Hex's staff
  • Charmcaster taking out a mana bomb
  • flowers in Charmcaster's bag
The bag contains some magical things, such as sunflowers, rings, Hex's staff, magical pink/purple powder, peanut-like bombs, eggs, and stone creatures.


  • Stone Creatures
  • Exploding Mana Bombs
  • Mini Exploding Bombs
  • Heavy Rings
  • Magic Sunflowers
  • Stone Bats
  • Stone Birds
  • Exploding Eggs
  • Magic Powder
  • Staff of Ages
  • Small Statues
  • Lipstick


Ben 10

In A Change of Face, one of the cops that arrests Gwen (while she was in Charmcaster's body) takes Charmcaster's bag from her as she's arrested. When Gwen, Pinky and Missy escape, the bag follows them into the sewer and jumps into Gwen's hands and gives Gwen a magical bomb she uses to blow up the bars that blocked their path. When Pinky and Missy tried to kill Gwen, the bag gives Gwen two stone statues that Gwen uses on Pinky and Missy, and they rapidly run in terror into the cops that take them back to juvie. When Charmcaster's third body transference spell failed again, Cannonbolt ties Charmcaster up with the anchor and knocks her bag into the ocean.

In Don't Drink the Water, Charmcaster can still be seen with her bag as she taunts at Hex's expense as Hex became an infant.

Ultimate Alien

The bag makes a mysterious reappeance in Where the Magic Happens.


The bag appears in the episode Charmed, I'm Sure, and Charmcaster talks to Adwaita and Darkstar as stone totems which is inside her bag and only she can hear it, which made Ben think she's insane.


Ben 10

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Omniverse

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