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Charmcaster's Bag is a magical bag owned by Charmcaster.


The bag contains some magical things, such as flowers, rings, magical pink/purple powder, peanut-like bombs, eggs, and Rock Monsters.


  • Rock Monsters
  • Exploding Mana Bombs
  • Mini Exploding Bombs
  • Heavy Rings
  • Magic Sunflowers
  • Stone Bats
  • Stone Birds
  • Exploding Eggs
  • Magic Powder
  • Lipstick
  • Staff of Ages (formerly)
  • Charms of Bezel (formerly)
  • Totems (formerly)


Ben 10[]

In A Change of Face, one of the police officers who arrested Gwen (while she was in Charmcaster's body) took Charmcaster's bag from her as she was arrested. When Gwen, Pinky and Missy escaped, the bag followed them into the sewer and jumped into Gwen's hands and gave Gwen a magical bomb she used to blow up the bars that blocked their path. When Pinky and Missy tried to kill Gwen, the bag gave Gwen two stone statues that Gwen used on Pinky and Missy, and they rapidly ran in terror into the officers, who took them back to juvie. When Charmcaster's third body transference spell failed again, Cannonbolt tied Charmcaster up with the anchor and knocked her bag into the ocean.

In Don't Drink the Water, Charmcaster could still be seen with her bag as she taunted Hex when he became an infant.

Ultimate Alien[]

The bag made a mysterious reappearance in Where the Magic Happens.


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In Charmed, I'm Sure, Ben thought Charmcaster was insane for talking to the bag, wherein Addwaitya and Darkstar were stone totems that only she could hear.

In Charm School, Charmcaster, disguised as Helena Xagliv, was able to transform Hex into a totem and store him in her bag.

TTaC (329)

The inside of Charmcaster's bag

In Third Time's a Charm, Charmcaster transformed Gwendolyn into a totem and trapped her inside of her bag. Later, she along with Addwaitya, Darkstar and Hex, used their combined knowledge of magic to create a rune out of lipstick to escape her bag and trap Charmcaster inside. At the end of the episode, Gwendolyn was revealed to have kept the bag.

Following The Most Dangerous Game Show, Charmcaster probably got magically zapped back into her bag.[DJW 1]


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