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Charcoal-Man[MW 1] is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Pyronite from the planet Pyros and the Dimension 23 equivalent of Heatblast.


Charcoal-Man resembles Heatblast in Omniverse except he is colored blue.[DJW 1]

Powers and Abilities

Being one of Ben 23's most versatile alien forms, Charcoal-Man is a pyrokinetic, meaning he has the ability to generate and manipulate intense heat and fire from his body. He can form fire into any shape that he chooses, commonly fireballs. He can also enhance the fire in his hands for flaming punches,[1] and can breathe fire like a dragon.[2] To top it all off, he can even absorb heat and fire at the same time.[3][4] This means he can put out a fire faster than he can start one.

Charcoal-Man's fire can become hot enough to melt a tank[5] or a road, as Heatblast almost buried Vilgax in boiling tar when he was younger.[1] Several years later, Heatblast was able to bury him in the ground up to his shoulders.[6]

Charcoal-Man can make his flames explosive, explaining why his fire tended to cause explosions on a regular basis. On that note, he can even create fire uses with the snap of his fingers.[7] He can also create sharp fire-made disks and throw them as slicing weapons, as seen when Heatblast battled a swarm of Vilgax's Drones.[1]

Charcoal-Man can increase the temperature of his heat and fire with his speed, as seen when Heatblast vaporized S.A.M.'s water creature by racing around it until his fire was again "supernova-hot".[8]

Charcoal-Man can create a small fireboard on which he can ride at high speeds by launching fire backwards like an engine. On this board, he has enough skill to ride in a continuous circle.[8] After several years of practice, Charcoal-Man can be capable of high-speed flight by propelling himself forward.

Charcoal-Man is able to teleport by producing a fiery tornado around himself, as shown when Heatblast avoided getting hit by a subway train and appeared again on top of it.[9] Similarly, he can even transport others to safety inside his tornadoes without burning them with his fire, as seen when Heatblast saved a boy and his mother from a building.[3]

Due to being made of fire and charcoal, Charcoal-Man glows in the dark like a candle.[10] Furthermore, he is fireproof, heat resistant, and invulnerable to magma.

Charcoal-Man is cold resistant and ice proof thanks to the heat he produces, allowing him to thaw his way out of ice such as an Evolved Necrofriggian's ice flames.[11]

Charcoal-Man is capable of limited terrakinesis by channeling fire through the ground.[DM 1] One result of this capability is the ability to surf through the air on a board of rock.[5][12][13][14] This was first demonstrated when Ben Prime taught Alan how to master his own flying abilities.[15]

Charcoal-Man has enhanced strength, enough to hold his own with his fists against Viktor, making the latter stumble several steps backwards.[5]

Charcoal-Man has enhanced durability, being able to survive getting thrown through multiple buildings at high speed by Vilgax with no damage,[1] as well as Malware's laser blasts.[16]

Charcoal-Man is capable of jumping exceptionally high.[17]

Charcoal-Man can swim and use his powers underwater, but with a very low intensity. Ironically, he can even breathe underwater despite being a fire-based alien.[4]

Charcoal-Man is immune to being controlled by a Vladat via their Corrupturas as long as he can burn them off his body with a small flare.[DJW 2]

When infected with a cold, Charcoal-Man's powers are completely inverted, making his pyrokinesis becoming cryokinesis, and he is constructed of icy fire rather than regular fire.[18]


If exposed to enough water or fire-extinguishing substances, Charcoal-Man's fire will be extinguished, though he can still heat up and reignite his fire in short amounts of time.

As mentioned above, when under the effects of a cold, Charcoal-Man's pyrokinesis is replaced with cryokinesis (the ability to create and control cold and ice). Despite these new powers, Charcoal-Man works completely "nonfunctional" to his fiery nature and the cold still prejudiced his health, meaning that it's still technically a "weakness," but not totally since it never exactly slowed Heatblast down (albeit taking a while to master it).[18]

If Charcoal-Man isn't careful, he may cause a fire that will accidentally go out of control in certain areas and will not be able to stop it.

Because of his fiery hands, Charcoal-Man cannot hold anything without burning or melting it. Similarly, he can leave scorch mark footprints on certain floors.[19]

Despite having a body made of fire, Charcoal-Man can still be rendered immobile by ice.[11]

Despite his enhanced durability, Charcoal-Man can still feel pain from heavy impacts, as shown when Heatblast lost control of his fire board during his fight with the Megawhatts and crashed headlong into a concrete pillar, leaving him badly stunned.[2]

Being a Pyronite, Charcoal-Man is vulnerable to being trapped by a Crabdozer.[20][21]

Charcoal-Man's fire attacks are useless against anything diamond-related or fireproof in general, such as such as Petrosapiens,[22] Crabdozers,[23] and weapons and/or armor made from their DNA.[24]

Charcoal-Man is vulnerable to the telekinetic abilities of a Uxorite[25] and a Celestialsapien, the latter of which has been demonstrated with Alan.[26]

Charcoal-Man can be paralyzed by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts, as also demonstrated with Alan.[15]

Despite his Corruptura immunity, Charcoal-Man can still be controlled by Corrupturas unless they are burned off his body.[DJW 2]


Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Russian Человек-уголь
From человек-уголь, coal-man
From человек-огонь, fire-man
Spanish (HA) Charcoal Man (Store 23)
Hombre Carbón (And Then There Was Ben)
From the original English name.
From carbón, charcoal; and hombre, man.


He's called "Charcoal-Man" after the lightweight black carbon and ash residue produced by removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances through burning.



Crew Statements

Dwayne McDuffie

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Derrick J. Wyatt

Matt Wayne

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