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Cerebrocrustaceans are a crab-like species from the Encephalonus system.


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Cerebrocrustaceans closely resemble giant crabs.

Cerebrocrustaceans have red/brown exoskeletons with small spikes around the face and on top of their head.

Cerebrocrustaceans come in other "crabby colors".[1]

A Cerebrocrustacean's head is very large, with arms sprouting from each side.

Cerebrocrustaceans have claws, four/six spider-like legs and a stubby torso.

A Cerebrocrustacean's face is composed of only eyes and a mouth.

Only male Cerebrocrustaceans have been seen so far, so it is unknown what female Cerebrocrustaceans look like.


Primitive Cerebrocrustaceans took advantage of the storms surrounding the Encephalonus planets and it in turn resulted in the destruction (by using up all resources) of the planets from Encephalonus to Encephalonus III.

By the time they arrived at Encephalonus IV, Cerebrocrustaceans had evolved in order to create electricity instead of taking it away from the environment.

Modern Cerebrocrustaceans are deeply ashamed of their ancestors being responsible for the destruction of Encephalonus and the two other planets in their solar system.

Powers and Abilities

Cerebrocrustaceans have a large brain, giving them high intelligence.

Cerebrocrustaceans can solve difficult calculations mentally in a few seconds. They know complex angular physics, and can visualize equations and the movement of objects as if they're actually there.

Cerebrocrustaceans can produce and manipulate electricity, in forms that can be put to various uses, including launching electricity, creating protective coatings, creating force fields, all by either opening the exoskeleton plates on their skull or using their pincers.

Cerebrocrustaceans can use their electrokinesis to telekinetically move objects, they're also capable of EM wave readers enabling telereceiving.

Cerebrocrustaceans can control machinery and similar things using their electrokinesis, giving them a form of technokinesis.


If a Cerebrocrustacean's shell is closed while releasing electricity, its brain will be injured.

All Cerebrocrustaceans are vulnerable to their natural predator, the Vicetopus.

A Cerebrocrustacean cannot concentrate with loud sounds

Notable Cerebrocrustaceans

Notable Mutated Cerebrocrustaceans

Notable Cerebrocrustacean Hybrids


The name Cerebrocrustacean is a portmanteau of "cerebro" (Spanish for brain) and "crustacean".


  • Cerebrocrustaceans project their thoughts as sound waves.[2]


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