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Cascans are a species of armored humanoid creatures residing on the planet Cascareau.


Each specimen is a large humanoid creature with an armored exoskeleton. This exoskeleton has one to three tanks on the head, and two tubes that extend from the mouth area to a unit on the back. They have jets on their hands that shoot out water from two extra tanks in the forearms. They have green eyes, three fingers, and two toes.

They are primarily seen to have red exoskeletons, however orange, blue, green, and gold exoskeletons have also been seen.


The Cascans dwell beneath the waves to avoid the perils of its surface, including torrential hurricanes and pirates. They hunt for the raw material that comprises their exoskeleton armor, Serpent Glass, which is collected from the spires that dot the horizon.

Powers and Abilities

Cascans have an armored exoskeleton which protects their bodies from damage. They also have enhanced strength.

Cascans can launch pressurized water blasts from the tanks on their forearms. Cascans can use these to propel themselves by spraying water downwards. They can also create water blades.

Cascans are able to breathe underwater, as well as swim at high speeds with amazing agility. They have great endurance and can withstand strong water pressure.


If a Cascan shoots water at an electric device, it can can be shocked while shooting, since water conducts electricity.

Notable Cascan

Notable Cascan Hybrids


  • Their armor is made of Serpent Glass.[1]


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