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Cartoon Network Arcade is a downloadable app by Cartoon Network for iOS and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play.


WATCH & COLLECT Use the CN Arcade app wherever you watch Cartoon Network shows to collect your favorite characters from Teen Titans GO!, The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Ben 10, Craig of the Creek and more! YOUR FAVORITE CHARACTERS Beast Boy, Gumball, Unikitty, Garnet, Raven, Four Arms and all the characters you love are waiting for you! Collect characters from every Cartoon Network episode you watch! New characters are added every month. Can you find them all? PLAY FOR KEEPS Smash piñatas, punch rainbows, kick soccer trolls, and play awesome games in the Cartoon Network Arcade. The better you play, the faster you’ll unlock exclusive figures. Game on! RANK UP Become an arcade Legend! Earn high score ranks in every game to win Neons. Spend your Neons in the Shop to get the figures you want! ALL NEW, ALL THE TIME There’s always something new to explore!



  • Brains vs. Bugs
  • Xingo Mayhem
  • Tomb of Doom
  • Forever Tower
  • Mechanoid Menace
  • Too Big to Fall

Collectable Figures

Ben 10 Island

Omni-Kix Island

Kevin 11 Island

Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie Island



  • Any show or movie from throughout the franchise can be scanned on the app. However, there are no figures from the 4 Classic series available.
  • The Ben 10 island shows the Rustbucket.
    • The Omni-Kix island shows the Omni-Copter.
    • The Kevin 11 Island shows the Forever Knight's castle.
    • The Ben 10 Versus The Universe island shows the Null Void.
    • The Ben 10 Specials island shows the laboratory where Project Bygone is housed.