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Carl is a human/ghost that first appears in Scared Silly.


In his human form, he has gray hair, wears blue jeans, a black tank-top, a green sleeveless jacket, and a fishing hat.

In his ghost form, he resembles a floating 1800s-era diving suit. However, his diving suit is just a disguise to hide his identity, and surrounds his being with a spectral aura.


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Carl is Karl w/a K's twin brother. After his brother dabbled in dark magic, he ended up turning himself into a monster and Carl into a ghost. Ever since, he tried to warn others not to stay in Karl's hotel, knowing that his brother would eat them.

Powers and Abilities

In his ghost shape, he can levitate and create a spear. He has shown great aptitude with using it, and has enough strength to wrestle with Karl, who was able to toss Wildvine with ease.


Despite him being a ghost, he is not intangible, meaning physical attacks will be able to affect him.


Ben 10

Season 1


  • Although he was an antagonist to the Tennysons, he is not a villain, as he was just trying to warn them of his brother's plans.
  • His diving suit he wears while being a ghost is similar to the Ghost of Captain Cutler from the Scooby-Doo franchise.
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