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Captured! is a Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the original series), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 23 of the series.


While finding cover to discreetly de-transform from Stinkfly, Ben's alien become the fascination of two bystanders who spotted him ducking into the alleyway, and who now think he shape-shifted into Max - who they saw walking away.

While looking for Max, Ben and Gwen spot the two alien-fanatics kidnapping an him -unconscious- and pushing him into their van. The kids hail a taxi, as they note the Omnitrix hasn't recharged.

Max wakes up in the tinfoil-hat wearing fanatics' apartment, tied to a chair, and being interrogated. While spying on them, Gwen urges Ben to hatch a plan beyond running in and beating them up as Four Arms - which could put Max in danger.

Ben runs in, accusing one of the kidnappers of being an alien. When they protest and point at Ben with -as Ben says- their 'disintegrating finger', and seemingly disappears in a flash of green, convincing the other that their friend is the true alien. As the kidnapper turn on his friend, convinced he's an alien, he chases him out of the building, leaving Max unguarded.

Ben, now as Grey Matter, unties Max, and as their leaving the building, see the two kidnappers getting arrested by the local police for fighting each other in the street.




  • Alien-Fanatic Kidnappers

Aliens Used


  • The cover of this issue may be a reference to the cover of the Uncanny X-Men #141; 'Days of Future Past'. The next Ben 10 comic story (in the same issue) is titled 'The Once and Future Ben', which also may be in relation to Days of Future Past.
  • There are multiple 'X-Files' references, including a poster of the show.
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