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The Cadobbit is a fusion of a cat, a dog, and a rabbit created by Dr. Animo.


It has ears of a rabbit, face and head of a rabbit cat mix, a mane, the upper body and arms of a cat and the lower body, legs and tail of a dog.

Powers and Abilities

Its has a microchip ear tag that makes it mentally program to attack Ben and the Omnitrix when it sees the Omnitrix symbol.

It can turn into a giant, 8ft tall, monstrous feral humanoid version of itself attacking anything and anyone wearing the Omnitrix symbol.


It first appeared in the episode Can I Keep It when Doctor Animo created it to act as a perfect pet for Ben, when he discovered it at the fake pet park Animo made, to secretly attack Ben and the Omnitrix. After Ben tried to control the monsterfied Cadobbit, he removed the device that Animo was controlling it by a remote control and the Cadobbit soon turned back into its cute form. The Cadobbit quickly turned against Animo after he pinned Ben to the Rustbucket. After Animo escape the Cadobbit still acts tamely wild, making Ben let it be free and live among some rabbits.

In Vin Diagram, Its picture is shown in poster and fliers. Being discover by humans made people believing it to be a new, rare and endangered species.


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