Buzzshock is a green Megawhatt from the planet Nosedeen Quasar.


Buzzshock can pass through any electrical source with amazing speed, and has the ability to manipulate electricity. Buzzshock can duplicate himself when he is cut in half or has enough power. He can also fly. Although not too much has been revealed, this little alien can really shock, and its species has a dangerous(and very immature) sense of humor. All powers were seen in the original series in the episode Tourist Trap. Unlike regular Megawhatts, Buzzshock's electricity is the color green, because of the Omnitrix.

ken 10 as buzzshock


Ben 10

Ben 10

He first appeared in Ben 10,000 used by Ben 10,000 to battle Dr. Animo and won. Kenny later used him in Ken 10 to battle Mot Snikrep and Kevin 11,000.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

File:Buzzshock UA.png
  • The green spot on his head is now grey (causing him to resemble a battery).

It is possible that this is one of the aliens unlocked for Ben by Ben 10,000.

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