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Newredomni The contents of this article do not appear on any official media of the franchise.
They are strictly non-canon, and have no affiliation to the series or Cartoon Network whatsoever.

Bungee Sponge[MW 1] (alternatively spelled as Bungeesponge)[TP 1] is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.[note 1]


Bungee Sponge is a humanoid alien who has pale yellow skin. He wears a black chest plate with white lines, as well as black shorts with a white outline. He has two green eyes with slightly darker green pupils, as well as four arms; two emerging from his sides and two from his back. The hands at his sides have seven fingers, while the hands on his back have ten fingers, split across opposite sides of the palms into five.

Bungee Sponge wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

Bungee Sponge has multiple arms and is a "swinging force of justice".[TP 1] He can use the arms on his back to function as bungee cables.[TP 2] One of his signature tricks is to use his arms to hold onto something and stretch himself back, slingshotting himself forward.[TP 3]

Due to his elasticity, Bungee Sponge is able to withstand impacts from falling from large heights.[TP 4]

Bungee Sponge can absorb fluids.[TP 5]


Ben 10[]

Five Years Prior to Omniverse[]

  • Bungee Sponge was among the aliens that Ben moved on from due to being underpowered.[MW 2]


Bungee Sponge is a pun on "bungee jump" and "sponge".



  1. This transformation was created by Matt Wayne as a joke[MW 2] and designed by Thomas Perkins long after the series ended. It is non-canon and unofficial.


Matt Wayne[]

Thomas Perkins[]

Derrick J. Wyatt[]

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