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Is that all you got? I got snot made of stronger stuff than you! Don't feel bad, my snot is tough as the rest of me.

– Bullfrag to the Squid Monsters.[1]

Bullfrag is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Incursean from an unknown and destroyed planet.


Bullfrag is a humanoid frog-like alien with three-fingered hands and two-toed feet. He is, however, considerably taller, more muscular and paler-skinned than a typical Incursean and has a more defined jawline.

In The Frogs of War: Part 2, Bullfrag first wore a typical black-and-purple Incursean uniform as a disguise. He also wore an Incursean helmet and purple sunglasses.

As of Bengeance Is Mine, Bullfrag wears green sunglasses, a black bodysuit with a green stripe down the middle, fingerless black gloves, toeless black boots with green cuffs above them, and a green belt with a white buckle.

Bullfrag wears the Omnitrix symbol on his upper chest, which was hidden under his suit during The Frogs of War: Part 2.

Powers and Abilities

Bullfrag has powerful jumping abilities and is very agile, much like an ordinary Earth frog.

Bullfrag has impressive hand-to-hand combat abilities, as he was able to take down Attea and a squadron of average Incurseans[2] and hold his own against a mob of Squid Monsters.[1]

Bullfrag's physique makes him stronger than an average Incursean, he was able to carry Bill Gacks in the air without any difficulty.[1]

Bullfrag is more durable than other Incurseans, as he can endure being kicked by a Tetramand.[3]

Bullfrag possesses a long, sticky and prehensile tongue, which he can use as a grappling line or to hit a distant target. It is also very strong, as it can smash boxes.[3] Its tensile strength is high enough to slow down the Billions Tower sign to a near standstill after falling from the top of a skyscraper.[4]

Bullfrag can inflate his chest to repel enemies and gain momentum to jump.[1]

Bullfrag is capable of withstanding the vacuum of space for a limited amount of time, as demonstrated by Attea.[5]

Bullfrag can hold his breath underwater for four to seven hours thanks to his respirators.[DJW 1]


Bullfrag has a very delicate nose[DM 1] and is sensitive to strong smells, such as that of a Methanosian's swampy stench, as demonstrated with Attea and many Incursean soldiers.[6]

Bullfrag's tongue will hurt if it stretches too long.[4]

Bullfrag has feelings for Attea, which can distract him.[2] Although he thinks she is cute, he is not into her personality.[DJW 2]

Bullfrag has a durability limit, seen when he was knocked unconscious by Kevin.[2]

Bullfrag requires an oxygen supply to survive. Without it, he is limited to holding his breath while in space, as demonstrated with Attea.[5]

Bullfrag can be immobilized by a Necrofriggian's ice breath, as demonstrated with Milleous.[7]

Bullfrag is vulnerable to pressurized water blasts, such as those generated by an Orishan, as demonstrated with Attea.[5]

Bullfrag can be incapacitated by magic, as demonstrated with Attea.[2]






Season 3
Season 5
Season 6
  • Catfight (x4; unintended transformation)
Season 7
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Video Games

In Ben 10: Omniverse 2

Ben 10: Omniverse 2

Being the title alien, Bullfrag is playable in the game.

Before arriving on Earth, Ben, at Azmuth's instruction, needs to acquire Incursean DNA for the Omnitrix in order to prevent the Incurseans from discovering his return from exile. To ensure capable combat prowess, Ben had to acquire a sample from larger Incurseans. Upon unlocking his new Incursean transformation, Ben tries a few names such as "Crazy Legs" and "Aquattack" before settling on Bullfrag.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Булфраг From the original English name
Chinese 牛蛙 From (Niú), bull, and (Wā), frog
French Crapauteur From crapeau, bullfrog, and sauteur-, hopper
German Bullfrosch From Bullenfrosch, bullfrog
Greek Βατραχολοθρευτής From βάτραχος, frog, and εξολοθρευτής, annihilator
Hungarian Repeszgránát From repeszgránát, fragmentation grenade
Italian Bullfrag From the original English name
Polish Bykżab From byk, bull and żaba, frog
Portuguese (Br) Bullfrag From the original English name
Romanian Amfibizorul from -amfi, a prefix for amphibian, and bizon, bull
Russian Бульфраг From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Bullfrag From the original English name
Turkish Bulfrag From the original English name


Bullfrag's name is a play on "bullfrog", referencing his appearance, and "frag", which means to kill.


  • Derrick J. Wyatt came up with Bullfrag.[DJW 3] During production, he started out looking more like a regular Incursean.[DJW 4][DJW 5]
    • The original idea for Bullfrag's sunglasses were that they were part of his disguise to hide his green eyes. However, the crew liked them so much, they decided to make the sunglasses a permanent part of his appearance.[DJW 6]
  • Bullfrag is more muscular and developed than other Incurseans because most members of the species have very poor diets. Similar to the other Omnitrix aliens, Bullfrag is an example of an optimal Incursean.[MW 1]
  • Like most other Incurseans, Bullfrag speaks with a Brooklyn accent.
  • Bullfrag is Ben's most handsome alien.[DJW 7]
  • Bullfrag and Perk Upchuck are the only aliens to have been manually unlocked by entering a code into an Omnitrix.
    • Bullfrag is also one of four aliens to have been unlocked by Azmuth; the others being Way Big, Murk Upchuck, and Atomix.
  • Like frogs, Bullfrag makes a croaking sound after inflating his chest.
  • While Bullfrag is attracted to Attea, the latter has a strong crush on Bullfrag as well.[2][3][MW 2]
    • Ben blaming the attraction on Bullfrag's DNA is similar to Albedo blaming his cravings for Chili Fries on Ben's DNA. Curiously, Gwen even made a reference to the similarity, claiming that it is the excuse all boys use.[2]
  • From Arc 4 of Omniverse onwards, Bullfrag replaces Crashhopper in the opening intro of the show, specifically in the part where the latter originally appeared alongside Shocksquatch, Way Big, and Bloxx.
  • Bullfrag's voice and mannerisms are based on Sylvester Stallone.
  • Bullfrag's design seems similar to Rash from Battletoads, as both were amphibian superheroes that wore sunglasses.
  • Bullfrag's sunglasses greatly resemble Kamina's sunglasses from Gurren Lagann. However, the design is not a reference to it.[DJW 8]
    • Coincidentally, Bullfrag's sunglasses are similar to the visor of Soundwave from Transformers: Animated. Therefore, they are a reference to 2000 AD's ABC Warriors.


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