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Buglizards are a predatory species from Lepidopterra.


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A wild Buglizard battling Khyber

Buglizards have a white, black, and red color scheme. They have a black head, which dons a white patch on each side. Located on these, they have four red eyes, two on each side. They have sharp teeth and the gums protrude in their lower jaw and they have a row of red spikes running down their back, which also has a black stripe. They have four legs and black feet, each ending in 3 red claws and a red marked tail tip.


Buglizards live in dark caves on Lepidopterra.


Buglizards prey on Lepidopterrans.

Powers and Abilities

Of Predator part2 8

A wild Buglizard sprays fog.

Buglizards have enhanced reflexes and agility suited to capture Lepidopterrans.

Buglizards are capable of spraying a yellow fog, simultaneously eliminating a Lepidopterran's wide vision and their mucus traps.

Buglizards have enhanced strength, enough to throw Water Hazard with ease.

A Buglizard's sense of smell is powerful enough to track Ben throughout Undertown.

Buglizards have a prehensile tail and claws that are strong enough to cling to the bottom of a space ship and to help them to climb walls.


Buglizards can be harmed by electricity.

Notable Buglizards

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