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Breaker One-Nine is a major villain in ben 10 that first appears in Summer Breakers. He gets hired by an unknown company to do thing for profit.


Breaker One-Nine first appeared in Summer Breakers. He was hired by an unknown company to excavate the area where Ben found the Omnitrix to get the Omni-Key. He was destroying the environment to get the Omni-Key and was able to defeat Humungousaur using his excavation/combat mech L.I.Z.A. to defeat him.

After Gwen threw the key towards Ben, allowing him to activate the Omni-Kix feature, Breaker One-Nine tried to attack Omni-Kix Four Arms only for L.I.Z.A. to get destroyed, knocking him unconscious. When he woke up, he swore vengeance to Ben and hid behind some bushes.


Season 4


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