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Bobo Haha is an animal EVO, taking the form of an anthropomorphic chimp.


Bobo has pale purple skin and brown fur. He wears an eye patch and fez. His shirt and shorts are a dingy gray/green color with blue cloth at the bottom of his sleeves, shorts and a line down his shirt that extends to the bottom. He also has blue cuff-links.


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Rex Salazar

Rex is Bobo's partner and was originally his only friend. Bobo and Rex are always looking out for each other and always cooperate together well during fights. Bobo would usually advice Rex on what to do in situations.


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In Ben Gen 10, Bobo and Rex steal a s'more from Ben. Ben, as Cannonbolt, chances after the two to avenge his stolen s'more. Bobo notices that Canonnbolt isn't an ordinary EVO, and tells Rex that there's technology on his stomach. Soon Rex breaks the Omnitrix causing the entire eastern border to get affected with Alien DNA.

Powers and Abilities

Being a chimpanzee, Bobo is able to climb up trees and is quite agile.

Bobo has enhanced strength, being strong enough to easily lift up Ben and tackle an elephant.


There is a limit to Bobo's strength, as he was unable to break Rex free from Cannonbolt's grip.


Ben 10

Season 5

Video Games

Cartoon Network Arcade

Bobo Haha is an uncommon collectable figure in the Cartoon Network Arcade app.


  • This version of Bobo is a stylized version of his counterpart from the original Generator Rex series. John DiMaggio even reprises his role from the show.
  • Whereas his original counterpart existed in a separate universe from the Classic Timeline, this Bobo lives on the same dimension as Ben in the Reboot Dimension.

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