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The Boblins are a group of creatures that live on the bad part of the park.


When Upgrade accidentally increased his speed of the lawnmower, he bumps into a tree root and starts to disturb them, he tries to escape from them, but they use catapults to fire boulder at him, then when Upgrade merged out of the lawnmower, he runs away, and finds Geezer Bob to ask and stop them from destroying the park, so Ben uses Stinkfly to round them up from destroying the park, and uses Wildvine to grow some bushes.


Boblin King

Boblin's appear to be a small race of goblins with pointy ears, grey skin, and Medieval styled clothing along with weapons.


Their technology is primitive. They tend to defend and attack together. They use weapons such as darts, axes, clubs, and catapults. They live in huts and tents. The village is ruled by a goblin king. They also use their own language.

Powers and Abilities

Boblin's have a small stature and can get into small areas due to his size.

Boblin's have great throwing skills has shown when they all threw wooden spikes all at the same time at people and Stinkfly.[1]

Boblin's have a fearsome rage even if its the most simple conversation, and this rage even makes them more dangerous to a point where the world could be in danger.[1]

Boblin's have enhanced strength has seen when one flipped over a wooden table with ease.


Boblin's are very sensitive about there mothers has seen with Geezer Bob lured them away by yelling Yo mama jokes.[1]

Boblin's are very angry making it hard to stay reasonable.

Boblin's short stature is a disadvantage in combat when against bigger opponents.

Boblin's are weak to Stinkfly's gas has seen when they all were knocked out, though the king had not been knocked out.

Boblin's are weak to entanglement has seen when Wildvine entangled the Boblin King.


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