Blaziken rjcf wrote:
PlasmaBot wrote:
First of all, you vaguely state who can or cannot discuss this idea, in the first post.  There should be no reason why not for any opinions to be heard.

Second, this change will affect all users.  There are two factors or variables in this change, the admins and users.  This change will literally make all users go to the designated admin, single admin if I could add, for a simple change to be made.  It's not efficient.  Why vote on certain things if only the voice of maybe 5 people is heard?  That 5 people is the administration by the way.  5 people deciding a change that would affect maybe 200 BTP wikians.  

Anyways that's my 2 cents. Respond to it whatever you'd like, though I'm not changing my disposition on the issue.

I clearly state in the very first sentence of my OP the following: "I'm suggesting to my fellow admins (...)". Bold for emphasis.

If you're close-minded, discussion is pointless.

Also, it's simply pointless that the only thing concluded from my paragraph is that you only pointed out  that clarification of admins only was shown in the first post.  None of my main arguments weren't even touched, obviously this plan cannot pass on, as there is simply no benefit to it.  

Again, I know I'm being a bit rash, but this plan to the wiki is simply not going to help.  I'm done here.

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