Hey guys.  Sorry, there were some misconceptions and mistakes on my part.  I haven't been active here much, as I've already stated, and I definitely screwed up writing my post in a little part.  However, the general message is still there.  My opinion on the warning system is definitely liberal, but it'll hopefully work.  Let me further explain.  I understand the whole neutral theme that some of the admins want to put on, but it's not very welcoming.  Perhaps instead of titling a thread, "Warning" -  maybe titling a message with something less negatively explicit?  I know you guys want to get your point across, but something simple as "Reminder" would be a lot more welcoming.  Simple things make huge changes.  Moreover, having something like an exclamation mark to express friendliness would be awesome.  I know I sound like I'm some roses and bunnies guy, but it really could stop you from hitting the block button.  What I mean is that positive reminders can change "rule breakers" and make them into potentially awesome editors of the wiki.  Also, maybe holding some wiki events could bring a great team spirit together.  

Before you guys give me a justification or some sort of reason why the warning reason is sufficient as it is, please at least take it into consideration.  One huge thing:  The warning system is just one very little suggestion I made.  No need to create some sort of unncessary debate about it, like there have been with other small topics.  My whole point is that this wiki lacks community and perhaps it's time for the admins to start trying to build it up.  Problems like this will definitely be easier and more avoidable in the future if you build up the necessary community.

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