Hey guys.  I used to be a past bureaucrat (as the admins probably know).  I'd like to put in my honest input on this admin issue that would definitely, in my opinion, benefit the entire wiki.  

One of the most important things that hones the development of any wiki is a sense of community.  Unfortunately, BTP lacks that component greatly.  Being a member of Wikia for about 4 and a half years, I've more than noticed that the key thing that keeps bigger wikis thriving is their entire community and how they work together.  Both non-admins and administrators lack this.  I feel as though almost the entire administration acts more as a police force rather than a team of staff.  One of the bigger things happening on this wiki that contributes to my idea is the warning system.  While the warning system this wiki imposes is more than sufficient to notify users of their mistakes, I believe something lighter such as a simple reminder would do the job just as well along with reinforcing good wiki values much more positively.  Of course, notifying a user of their potential of being blocked if they continue to do what they do should still keep on going.  However, I've seen way too many messages titled, "Warning."  The word itself has a hugely negative connotation to it and might have contributed to the entire sense of community that this wiki used to have, to some degree.  This is one of the many things that could be improved on.  Of course, the administration have done a great job in terms of policy keeping and content building, but this community is really no community at all.  The administration and the wiki may disagree with this post, but it's actually one of  the most crucial components to keeping any organization great.  Without it, this wiki cannot run smoothly.  

Like Blaze said, the administration's job is to keep this wiki run efficiently and smoothly.  The efficient part has definitely been accomplished, but there's still a long way to go on the "smoothly" part.  Believe it or not, building up a community and acting as friendly staffers rather than sturdy police officers is a part of the position an admin holds.  

I know I am not an active member here anymore, but I still see things that really should be changed.  I want this wiki to flourish as much as everyone else does.  Thanks for reading and I hope everyone takes this into consideration.  

PS: Great job with everything else.  :)

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