Here is what I think the Reboot should have (Feel free to share your own!):

  • Make the art style a more of a mix between OS, AF/UA's and OV's. Basically have it mainly be OV, but have pupils like in OS and AF/UA. For the OS part, there would be a variety of eye coloring for the aliens and the OS aliens look more like their OS look.
  • Introduce new Villains as well as old. Especially Sublimino and Clancy as we didn't see them in Omniverse, and they had REAL potential.
  • Make most outfits for the aliens OS-styled, so keep it classic.
  • Have Feedback and the OS aliens appear. (We need all of them to appear) But, after that there should be new aliens.
  • There also could be aliens from AF+ but with redesigns and OS outfitting because I would really like to see all of the aliens introduced in AF+.
  • Have a balance between comedy and seriousness, like in OS.
  • Show Ben 10,000. And have new aliens for him, with the possibility of aliens from AF+ shown from his use of them.
  • Have a sequel,  to show this Ben maturing like he did in AF and maybe unlocking some of the aliens Ben 10K unlocked.
  • Have Villains from AF+ be cameos like in Incarcecon or in the Null Void, just so we can see they exist in this dimension.
  • Mix up the order aliens appear in, like maybe Cannonbolt takes Diamondhead's place in the original 10 like intended and Diamondhead takes place of Cannonbolt in the additionals.
  • More will be Added
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