UltiVerse wrote:
@Ochoa, even if they Man of Action does listen to our complaints, I don't think they can do much to change the show to our liking. Cartoon Network might have way more say over what happens in the show than we think, and I doubt the network cares what we think. We're not their concern anymore. They're focusing on the current generation of kids.

Indeed. When Alien Force was still on TV, one of the writers had said they had a major story planned for Season 3 and was going to center around Kevin's absorption powers - similar to Season 1 of Ultimate Alien - but Cartoon Network chickened out at the last minute, forcing the writers to scrap what they can resulting in the god-awful third season filled with mediocre episodes (with the exception of a few).

So yes, CN is ultimately to blame for all this. I can assure you this is the main reason MoA's writing is not on par with Generator Rex, Avenger's EMH, and original Ben 10.

Thank goodness a writer like Greg Weisman never went this route when Young Justice was still airing on Cartoon Network. 

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