Fred200 wrote:
Michael Morningstar wrote:
Rexfan177 wrote:
Very stupid, I'm hoping we at least get a more badass Ben Tennyson in a reboot sequel. Hopping CN will change things till then as well.
Unfortunately the chances of that are very slim. Right now, your better off looking forwards towards the third season of Young Justice than seeing a sequel to this reboot.
I know this post is a few weeks old, but why would you say that? Ben 10 will only end when CN stops making money with the series, and then probably only for 2-5 Years at most before another reboot or sequel.

The reason I said that was because the chances of a badass Ben 10 Tennyson is slim. This reboot has not been well-received at all, and none of the episodes are even close to replicate the incredible action scenes of the original.

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