As I see more and more episodes of the Ben 10 Reboot, I can offically say that this is one of the worst reboot I've seen. I am apalled that Man of Action would stoop this low to cater to a younger audience.

I am very disappointed on what this reboot turn out to be. After first, I thought it was going to fix all the issues the previous three entires had made...but it never did and only made it worse. Right now, I would rather see an episode of Omniverse then this, and I dislike the former.

Take a look at Voltron: Legendary Defender. A proper reboot based on a series that I didn't even know until I saw it on Netflix. Made by the same animation studio and producers from the Legend of Korra, it was so well-received it just got renewed for a second season.

Man of Action should be ashamed of themselves. I can see this show getting cancelled after two seasons.

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