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Bloxx? How cool is that? Ooooh, I want that alien in my rotation!

Ben to Gwen and Max about Bloxx.[1]

Bloxx is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Segmentasapien from the planet Polyominus.


Being an organosillicon-based life form with segmented hardened quasi-organic polymer skin, Bloxx's body is made up of individual red, blue, and yellow building blocks that he can rearrange at will.

Bloxx's default appearance looks similar to that of a gorilla made of mostly red and yellow building blocks with some blue blocks. He has black lines and studs all over his body. His feet are stubs and his hands are extremely large to balance most of his body. Bloxx wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Bloxx's shapeshifting powers allow him to transform into multiple things, such as a dome. If Bloxx's body is damaged or broken, he can easily reform the broken pieces immediately.

Bloxx can generate and form more blocks on his body at will, either to create constructs of blocks or change himself into a larger construct.

Bloxx can willingly detach parts of his body to get out of certain situations.

Bloxx can extend his arms to great lengths on their own without creating more blocks to make them longer. This allows him to easily transfer big gaps and cover more ground when walking on his hands.

Bloxx has enhanced strength, enough to remove any of the alternate Omnitrixes on Alien X's body.[1]

Bloxx is very dense and durable, being able to survive multiple boulders being thrown at him without breaking.[1]

Similar to Cannonbolt, Bloxx can encase people or objects inside his body. He also gains similar abilities to Cannonbolt when in his sphere form, such as increased speed and being able to see where he is going when rolling around.

Bloxx can detach and shoot his fists at enemies, as shown when he launched one of his fists at Alien X.[1]

Bloxx can entrap enemies in detachable blocks that can be separated from his body and remain intact even when he turns back into Ben. The blocks seem to be able to change shape based of its prisoner's size, as shown when it turned into handcuffs from a large body-sized restraint after Alien X turned back into the Evil Ben.[1]


Despite his shape-changing abilities, Bloxx can be broken when hit with enough force, but can easily rebuild himself right after.

While Bloxx is highly durable to an extent, he still feels pain, as seen when he endured raining boulders.[1]

Beings that can become intangible, such as Ectonurites, can easily phase through Bloxx if he traps them in his dome form.

Bloxx is vulnerable to acidic substances, whether it be liquid or gaseous.


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Ben 10

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Video Games

Cartoon Network Arcade

Bloxx is a common collectable figure in the Cartoon Network Arcade app.


  • Bloxx's inclusion in the reboot was first hinted by Duncan Rouleau when asked if any aliens introduced in Omniverse were considered for the show.[DR 1]
  • Bloxx's design in the reboot is mostly the same as his Classic Timeline counterpart's appearance in Omniverse except the details on his face are less prevalent, the two stripes on the lower parts of his legs are missing and his Omnitrix symbol is circular and flatter.
  • Of the alternate dimension aliens, Ben likes Bloxx the most, wishing to have the form available "in [his] rotation".[1]
  • Bloxx is one of five regular aliens featured in the reboot to have a green Omnitrix symbol, the others being Alien X, Chromastone, Big Chill, and Ampfibian.
  • Bloxx is the first (and only) alien introduced in Omniverse to be included in the Reboot.


Duncan Rouleau

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