DemonicDude DemonicDude 21 days ago

Cartoon Network Action Pack Comics and Canon

Duncan Rouleau is directly involved in all Ben 10 franchise behind the screen and it makes sense as he is a member of Man of Action. He was asked about the comics being canon or non canon and according to him they are. This should be mentioned and properly linked on the page.

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Npzman1 Npzman1 22 days ago

List animation studios that worked on Ben 10

So in every Ben 10 episode if you look in the credits it says the animation studio that has worked on the episode. I'd like to be able to create pages for all animation studio that worked on a Ben 10 episode with a list of all the Ben 10 episodes it has animated. Then list the all animation studios as it's own animation studio category and put the animation studio names on all wiki pages of Ben 10 episodes. None of those information is stored anywhere on this wiki and we gotta complete it.

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Npzman1 Npzman1 22 days ago

Add a continuity section on pages for Ben 10 episodes

Just like the DCAU wiki which I'm also a regular at as well as here. The DCAU wiki has a continuity section in the pages for the episodes of any DCAU shows that explains any references or events that happened inside the episode. I'd like to bring this here on the Ben 10 wiki

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Kidflash-adventures Kidflash-adventures 24 days ago

Combine the 4 AXT Ben's Pages with the Prime Page.

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Echoson Echoson 8 May

New Image Categories

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Benxify2125 Benxify2125 22 days ago

Make Pages For The Alien Holograms/Dials

So I was thinking we should make pages for the alien dials. For example, we could make "Alien Holograms/Ben 10", "Alien Holograms/Alien Force", etc. This could help with looking for the alien dials instead of looking through the Omnitrix/Gallery.

EDIT: After reading alot of people's comment's who oppose with me, it does make more sense to have a tab with the alien dials. The way I'd see it is to either have a tab in the Omnitrix and Ultimatrix/Gallery for the alien dials. Or, we could put tabs for each alien's gallery page. Idk.

So yeah.

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Wikifan988 Wikifan988 1 hour ago

Concept Art Gallery

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Mystery2551 Mystery2551 15 May

Have Pre-Production pages for every Ben 10 show

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Npzman1 Npzman1 27 days ago

Have the Ben 10 Wiki to celebrate LGBTQ+ this pride month

So unlike our sister wiki site Ben 10 Fan Fiction Wiki we don't do anything special on here but I was thinking that we should make a exception and celebrate pride month on this wiki site. To show solidarity to all LGBTQ+ people. During pride month we should change the website theme to something more LGBTQ+ themed and have all the relevant information about it on the home page. I decided to post this suggestion a month away so to give it time to prepare for it. If the Ben 10 Fan Fiction wiki can do it then I don't see why this wiki can't.

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Wikifan988 Wikifan988 15 May

Pop-Up Trivia Gallery

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