M2XIMUS M2XIMUS 7 days ago

Is it possible there will be an Alien X in S5 of Ben 10 (2016)

I observed something when I watched Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie. I realized that when Alien V was defeated, Azmuth used the watch to absorb the Celestialsapien DNA, There was a chance that there would be an Alien X in the S5 movie event.

Another way I know there could be an Alien X is that Becky Lau has actually released some art along with the name of the episode: Alien X-tinction.

But Duncan Rouleau says that since Alien X might be too powerful for the series, he will only be used sparingly.

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Kidflash-adventures Kidflash-adventures 9 days ago

Add "Final Appearance" to Appearances Sections

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UltiVerse UltiVerse 12 days ago

Move Pop-Up Trivia Screenshots to Episode Galleries

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Omarion goulbourne Omarion goulbourne 16 days ago

It's my blog, Not yours.

Hello Everyone. my name is Omarion Goulbourne IRL, Hamcakes on Twitter and Zs'Troy#2614 on Discord. Nothing really happened Today for me, Besides the Fact My Internet and power was cut off for 4 hours. Anyway if you wish the talk, or...Something else contact me on Discord or Twitter. Thank you.

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UltiVerse UltiVerse 20 days ago

Character Aliases

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GermanK13 GermanK13 30 December 2020

Analysis: Duel of the Duplicates

Looking for my childhood Flash games on those last days, I went into some Ben 10 games, such as Omniverse Collection and Galactic Challenge. And they were fun games, even knowing they are super short, they are good to train my reflexes on hard mode.

But I also found another fun game looking for Ben 10 games, and it was the Duel of the Duplicates. And since I found this wiki too, I decided to make an analysis of it and share my opinions to everyone.

  • 1 The Game
    • 1.1 The Lore
    • 1.2 The Gameplay
      • 1.2.1 Playable Aliens
      • 1.2.2 The Levels
      • 1.2.3 The Enemies
    • 1.3 Cons
  • 2 Final Considerations

That is not much to talk about it, Albedo went >:( and now we have to kick his butt.

As most of the Flash Games, you control with the arrows and attack with the space bar. The game is a…

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DemonicDude DemonicDude 30 December 2020

Alien X can survive the destruction of the Omniverse

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TheHeat8284 TheHeat8284 28 December 2020

OS Transformation Sequences

This is a collection of the images of all the transformation sequences we've seen for Ben's aliens in the Original Series.

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Kidflash-adventures Kidflash-adventures 25 December 2020

Move Crew Fan Aliens to their on dedicated page.

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Ninja72 Ninja72 25 December 2020

Rename Kenneth Tennyson to Ken Tennyson (Gwen's Brother)

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