Blockade Blitz is a Ben 10 game on the Cartoon Network website. You can earn badges in it.


TT BlockadeBlitz controls

How To Play

You can play in story mode or in free play. In story mode, you progress farther into the game. In free play, you play for fun. Use the mouse to prevent to ball from falling and to destroy the bricks. You must destroy all the bricks and all the enemies to advance to the next level. Collect Omnitrix symbols to transform into one of 6 aliens for a limited amount of time (XLR8, Heatblast, Stinkfly, Cannonbolt, Wildvine, and Ripjaws). Use the mouse to fire (only Stinkfly, Heatblast, and Wildvine can shoot projectiles). If you lose, Ben gets recaptured and goes back into his restrains of those similar to the episode Secrets except there are all 4 cylinders this time as seen in a brief cameo on the episode Gwen 10.



  • Beat the game in story mode
  • Beat level 1
  • Change into Heatblast
  • Change into all six aliens
  • Score 500,000 points
  • Get all badges for Blockade Blitz

Powers and Abilities

  • XLR8: moves at a slightly increased rate.
  • Heatblast: Shoots fireballs.
  • Stinkfly: Shoots slimeballs but can't reach the edge of the screen.
  • Cannonbolt: Has a bigger range and ball automatically destroys blocks in one hit.
  • Wildvine: Shoots seeds that have bigger damage.
  • Ripjaws: Makes the ball faster.

Power ups

  • Ben Shield- If you miss a ball the ball will just bounce back.
  • Multiball- Multiplies the ball by three.
  • Omnitrix symbol- Transform into aliens.
  • Omnitrix piece- Destroys all blocks after four are collected and Z is pressed.
  • Omnitrix- Destroys all blocks when Z is pressed.


  • The Megawhatts are ruby and yellow instead of black and yellow, like in the series.
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