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Blast from the Past is a comic story appearing in the CN Action Pack series, published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 13 of the series.


While at a skiing resort, and feeling particularly self conscious about his age, Max doesn't appreciate Ben and Gwen's opinions on the matter; when suddenly three aliens -including Groombah, a red horned man, and Slezak, a lizard-like alien- show up demanding to see 'Tennyson', seeking revenge.

After realising the aliens were talking about Max, not himself, Ben's concerned about his ability to fight these men armed with guns. Max tells Ben and Gwen to go and take cover while he deals with it.

Ben and Gwen, fearing Max may get seriously harmed, but without wanting to hurt his pride, decide that Ben should turn into Grey Matter. Ben jumps and aims one alien's gun to the other, causing them to shoot Slezak in the foot. Max takes advantage and punches the unnamed alien out.

Having had Grey Matter trip Groombah up using one of the skiis, Max creates an avalanche burying him, along with the other two aliens. Max reveals he knew Ben and Gwen were helping him, and he's thankful they cared enough to help without hurting him.



Aliens Used


  • The Plumber suits in the flashback are colored with a lot more red than any other design we've seen.
  • Grey Matter's skin was brownish-grey in a few panels.
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