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The Black Hole is a drinking establishment made in the style of a saloon in Undertown. Its outer sign shows a purple neon black hole with alien writing circling around it. It seems to host a vast array of tough aliens, from bounty hunters, freighter captains, to known criminals.

It appears to be run by Genghis Ken, who runs multiple bars in Undertown.



In Rad, Ben and Rook visited the Black Hole to find Rad Dudesman. His presence terrified everyone in the bar, including the owner, Genghis Ken.

In Cough It Up, Psyphon held a meeting with several bounty hunters in the Black Hole to recover his Dehydrated Techadon Army Cube. The bounty hunters later kidnapped Argit and took him to the bar, where they interrogated him. He swallowed the cube, and a fight ensued, with Argit, his newfound Techadon Robots, Ben, Rook and Spanner against Psyphon and the bounty hunters.

In Universe vs. Tennyson, Genghis Ken and some patrons watched Ben's trial on the televisions at the Black Hole.

In Clyde Five, Liam visited the Black Hole, where he asked Inspector 13 for a new Mark 5 Nanoshift Enabled Exo-Armor over a communication device. He was eventually sold Techadon Robots, and recruited his fellow patron Thunderpig's help.

In The Color of Monkey, Rojo tried to break into an Argistix Security truck outside the Black Hole.

In Stuck on You, Khyber visited the Black Hole to find Skurd, who was helping Trombipulor cheat at a game.


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Season 3[]

  • Rad (first appearance)

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