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The Black Hat Alien is an unintended transformation caused by a broken Omnitrix created by Dr. Flug Slys.


This form was intended to resemble the character Black Hat, however the transformation failed- resulting in a disgusting abomination that is a haphazard fusion of Vilgax and Black Hat's heads plus a buzzsaw attached to a thin arm protruding from the Black Hat side.

It has no visible Omnitrix symbol.

Powers and Abilities

This creature has sharp teeth in both mouths, and a functional buzz saw attached to a small arm on one side.


  • The Black Hat Alien first appeared in Guide for an Evil Conquest, used by Vilgax and an Omnitrix created by Dr. Flug Slys. Although initially transforming into Black Hat successfully, it immediately shifted into a monster, and the Black Hat head begun trying to eat the Vilgax head before the Omnitrix absorbed the creature entirely and Dr. Flug Slys destroyed it.



  • Although it is unclear whether the device itself malfunctioned or some facet of Black Hat's vaguely demonic nature caused this transformation to fail, it IS clear that this Omnitrix was intended to allow for the wearer to transform into other aliens from various franchises, including:
    1. Instant Martians from Looney Tunes
    2. The Great Gazoo from The Flintstones
    3. Zorak from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
    4. A dalek from Doctor Who
      • It is important to note that the silhouette shows a Dalek Travel Machine, not the Dalek Creature itself. It is possible that the Omnitrix generated this itself as support for the creature much the same as NRG's containment suit or Goop's anti-gravity disk. Far more likely is that the Dalek mutant itself would appear like a blob and the travel machine is the iconic part, so the travel machine was included for recognisability with no consideration for this.
  • As the transformation collapses, Vilgax's original design is seen briefly.

    Vilgax's original design as the transformation fails.


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