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Bivalvan is an Orishan from the planet Kiusana[merch 1] in the Andromeda Galaxy. He was one of the Andromeda Aliens captured by Aggregor. His DNA was put in the Codon Stream and provided Ben with the form of Water Hazard.


Bivalvan looks exactly like Water Hazard in Ultimate Alien but lacks the Ultimatrix symbol on his chest and has blue eyes instead of green.


Bivalvan was first seen in the Ultimate Alien episode Fame. Every night, he would rise out of the ocean and raid NASA, stealing equipment from their secret rocket project. Ben, Gwen and Kevin attempted to stop him, but Ben couldn't transform because the Ultimatrix detected that his Orishan DNA wasn't in the Codon Stream. Kevin and Gwen fought Bivalvan and were beaten. It turned out he only stole because he was working on the damaged escape pod because he wanted to go home.

Ben attempted to fight him without the Ultimatrix, but it didn't work well due to the sampling process. Finally, the Ultimatrix went into Sample Mode and sampled his DNA, allowing Ben to transform into Chromastone, who unfortunately, was defeated easily before Bivalvan escaped. It was revealed that he stole the rocket's engine this time, which was a nuclear bomb.

Tracking him to his underwater cavern hideout, Ben and the others realized he was stealing the rocket parts to repair a spaceship to return to his home planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. However, since he was going to use the nuclear bomb to trigger his launch and destroy Florida, along with thousands of people, Ben and the others had no choice but to stop him. With Gwen and Kevin trapped by Bivalvan's welding torch, Ben had to fight him on his own as Spidermonkey. However, Bivalvan still proved too much for Spidermonkey, so he went Ultimate Spidermonkey and quickly defeated him.

Bivalvan then revealed that he and four others (P'andor, Andreas, Galapagus and Ra'ad) were kidnapped by an alien called Aggregor before they escaped to Earth. Ben and the others left him behind while they took the bomb back to NASA, saying they would contact the Plumbers to take Bivalvan home.

However, before the Plumbers arrived, Aggregor came instead, saying that no one escapes him, to Bivalvan's horror. Bivalvan was then heard screaming off-screen.

Bivalvan reappeared in Escape from Aggregor in Galapagus' flashback alongside Galapagus, P'andor, Ra'ad and Andreas. During his time as a prisoner, Bivalvan seemed not as violent but a leader of the five aliens while having a fierce rivalry with P'andor. He engineered an escape from their cell by using a device to unlock the cell door and neutralize the device Aggregor had used to nullify their elemental abilities. He also appeared to have a natural ability to lead others and make the right decision, as shown on Aggregor's Ship.

Upon realizing they weren't in a prison but on a spaceship, Bivalvan realized that they couldn't escape because there was nowhere to go. When Galapagus suggested using Aggregor's transmitter to call for help, Bivalvan approved of it, but P'andor opted to overthrow Aggregor and led Andreas in an attack on the bridge while Bivalvan, Ra'ad, and Galapagus went to the radio room.

Unfortunately, P'andor and Andreas' attack alerted Aggregor to the escape of the others and they were all thrown back in their cell just as Galapagus' call was found by Magister Prior Gilhil. The Plumber found them when they were in their cell, only to be attacked and murdered by Aggregor. Bivalvan, P'andor, Andreas and Ra'ad escaped, but Galapagus seemed to betray them in exchange for his own freedom. However, Galapagus revealed that he lied and betrayed Aggregor and his robotic soldiers, impressing Bivalvan (who said "I'm following that guy").

The five aliens stole a shuttle and fled from the ship only to have Aggregor shoot them down and cause them to crash on Earth. Bivalvan opted to stay with the ship as it was their only way off the planet, but P'andor stated they needed to split up. P'andor, Andreas, Galapagus and Ra'ad each went in separate directions while Bivalvan attempted to repair the shuttle through his raids at NASA.

At the end of Andreas' Fault, Bivalvan was seen in a stasis pod along with Galapagus, P'andor and Andreas.

In Ultimate Aggregor, Bivalvan was mind controlled to attack Ben's group, though after his headband was removed, he was confused about what happened to him and where he was before being warped back to his capsule. Kevin assumed Max had vaporized him, though he stated that Aggregor must have teleported him away. Bivalvan was successfully absorbed by Aggregor at the end of the episode.

As of the end of Absolute Power: Part 2, Bivalvan, as well as the other Andromeda Galaxy Aliens, came back to life after Kevin was turned back to normal.

Powers and Abilities

Bivalvan can launch pressurized blasts of water through the portholes in his hands. These blasts normally consist of hot water,[1] though he can change the temperature of his water powers from hot to cold. Using these same portholes, he can absorb moisture, including from the air.[2]

Bivalvan has an armored exoskeleton which is strong enough to withstand vast amounts of damage such as Chromastone's energy attacks[3] and P'andor's heat.[4]

Bivalvan has enhanced strength, enough to throw a Buglizard into a nearby wall[5] and punch craters into a concrete floor.[6]

Bivalvan can produce sharp streams of water and use them as whips.[7]

Bivalvan can jump exceptionally high.[6]

Bivalvan can withstand radiation, such as that generated by a Prypiatosian-B.[8]

Bivalvan can breathe underwater.[DM 1]

Bivalvan can manipulate different sources of water, including normal Earth water,[ES 1][DM 2] into a variety of shapes.[6]


Despite his tough exoskeleton, Bivalvan can still be harmed by severe heat, seen when P'andor burned his arm in annoyance.[9]

Being thrown can force Bivalvan to fire water blasts uncontrollably.[10]

Bivalvan can be frozen by a Necrofriggian's ice breath.[11]

Bivalvan is not strong enough to break out of Ultimate Spidermonkey's webbing.[3]


Ultimate Alien

Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Mobile Games

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Xenodrome

Bivalvan appeared as an enemy in the mobile game. His appearance is a little different due to his eyes being green instead of blue (similar to Water Hazard). He was later captured by Aggregor in the mobile game (similar to the events in Ultimate Alien).


Bivalvan's name comes from "Bivalvia", a name for a class of shelled mollusks.


  • In Fame, Bivalvan's voice was deep with a hint of a watery echo. Starting with Escape from Aggregor, his voice has been changed, making him sound younger.
  • Unlike Cascans,[DR 1] Bivalvan cannot turn water into either ice or steam.[DJW 1]



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