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Biot-savartians[1][2][merch 1] are an alien species from an unknown planet.


Biot-savartians have large spikes on their shoulders (similar to horseshoe magnets), crab-like claws, and two-toed feet. Their heads are made of silver metal, have large, narrow eyes that can change size and are outlined in a white-blue glow. This head floats above their body, signifying their magnetism. Their voices also sound robotic. Wherever the head goes, the body follows, similar to a Polymorph's Anti-Gravity Projector. Their bodies are made of living alien metal.

Only male Biot-savartians have been seen, so it is unknown what female Biot-savartians look like.

Powers and Abilities

Biot-savartians are able to project magnetic fields that are capable of overloading electrical circuits and attracting magnetic materials to themselves. They can also emit magnetic pulses that allow them to magnetize any ferromagnetic metals (iron, nickel and cobalt). This will cause objects magnetized by them to attract everything magnetic before flying towards and colliding with the target, even mechanical beings like Evolved Sonorosians[3] and Chronosapiens.[DJW 1]

Biot-savartians can use their magnetic fields to block solar energy attacks.[2]

Biot-savartians can use their magnetism to damage and destroy anything made of metal at will, as seen when Lodestar opened the Naljian Destructor,[4] dismantled a Techadon robot,[5] and tore apart the Toltech Battle Armor.[6]

Biot-savartians can generate green magnetic force fields that protect them from most ballistic attacks.[7]

If a Biot-savartiann gets destroyed by something as dangerous as an explosion, they can regenerate by pulling their shattered pieces back together with his magnetism.[7]

Biot-savartians have telekinetic control over metal, allowing them to levitate and move it around without physical contact.[4] They can also use this "magno-telekinesis" to make themselves levitate and fly.[8]

Biot-savartians possess enhanced durability, as Lodestar was able to withstand being hurt by the red troops' laser blasts,[9] being thrown through the walls of a house,[10] and the Forever Ninja's throwing stars.[11]

Biot-savartians can use their magnetic abilities to perform electrokinesis.[4]

Biot-savartians possess enhanced strength, as Lodestar was able to briefly grapple with the Stalker but with some difficulty.[10] Furthermore, if an Osmosian ally absorbs metal, Biosovortians can use their magnetism to throw said ally toward their enemies.[12][13]

Biot-savartians can act as compasses.[DJW 2]

Biot-savartians can survive in the vacuum of space as they don't need to breathe at all, since their heads are not connected to their bodies.[DJW 3]


Despite being disconnected from their body, a Biot-savartian's head is magnetically bonded to it. Wherever their head goes, their body follows.[10] As such, Biot-savartians' heads can be knocked away from their bodies, leaving the latter blind, helpless, and unable to reconnect with the head.[14]

Biot-savartians' heads can also be flipped over and spun if something hits it, though they can always touch their head to stop it from moving so rapidly.[11]

A Biot-savartian's powers are useless against non-metallic objects, such as the Forever Ninja's throwing stars.[11]

Despite their enhanced durability, Biot-savartians can still feel discomfort while being fired at.[9]

Notable Biot-savartians

Notable Biot-savartian Hybrids


Biot-savartians are named after the Biot–Savart law, which is an equation of electromagnetism that describes the magnetic field generated by an electric current.




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