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Billions Tower is a tower owned by Billy Billions.


Billions Tower is the high-tech corporate headquarters of the Billions Family, and specializes in robotics. Its technology actually rivals that of the Plumbers. Out of pure ego, Billy Billions had the tower built next to Captain Nemesis' tower and brags that it is taller. 


In Malefactor, Billions Tower was seen during Big Chill and Hypnotick's chase.

In Arrested Development, Billy Billions lost control of the Dimension 12 robots. Ben and Rook then battled them all, Billy accidentally overloaded the portal to Dimension 12, and sent them all back to Dimension 12.

In For a Few Brains More, Ultimate Albedo went here to build a device to combine his brain with Azmuth's. The tower was greatly damaged by Atomix after he defeated Albedo.

In The Vengers, the damaged caused by Atomix was fixed by this episode. Billy, Kangaroo Kommando and Captain Nemesis fight whilst Ben and Rook arrive to investigate only to get sent flying out of the tower.

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  • Billions Tower was built directly across from Nemesis Tower, owned by Captain Nemesis, which is shorter than Billions Tower.[1][2]
  • Billy was unaware that Albedo, Fistrick and his gang, and the Vreedles had committed crimes either in or on his building until he noticed that the "B" had fallen off.[DJW 1]


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