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Big Fat Alien Wedding is the forty-third episode of Ben 10.


Gwen flustered

The episode begins in the Rust Bucket where Ben is trying on a tuxedo which is also a family heirloom worn by him, Ben's father and now Ben himself at Max's insistence. Ben is not happy that he has to be in a wedding or wear said tuxedo. The Tennysons arrive at the site of the wedding. Max's nephew and the groom, Joel, and Max's brother, Gordon, both want Max to talk sense into the other. Gordon says that the wedding is a terrible mistake. The bride, Camille's, parents arrive, and they are cold to Joel's parents. Joel tells Max that everything is going wrong. Joel tells Gwen that she won't be the flower girl because their first choice, Camille's cousin, Lucy, was able to make it. Ben learns that he has to dance at the wedding. Later that evening, Gwen notices that Ben is missing. He heads down to the lake, but stops at a dessert truck. He starts eating a cake, but is caught by the person unloading the truck and leaves. A pile of mud grabs the man and drags him into the forest. A duplicate of him walks out. A sign by the lake says no swimming. A truck drives up and Ben transforms into Cannonbolt and crashes into it. The wedding stage lights on fire and Cannonbolt tries to put it out. He jumps into the lake, sending a huge wave onto the fire. Gordon and Betty Jean aim Plumber weapons at him, believing him to be a wedding crasher. Max, Gwen and Joel arrive and Max defends Cannonbolt. However, Betty Jean dismisses Max's warning and announces that they cannot take the chance to hear Cannonbolt out, declaring that no alien can be trusted. Gwen then casts a spell that creates a smoke which allows Cannonbolt to escape. Gordon and Betty Jean start shooting, but Joel stops them and makes them promise not to bring any more weapons for the rest of the weekend.

The sludge

In the parking lot, Cannonbolt is attacked by a pile of mud, and he reverts back into Ben. The mud pile slithers away. In the Rustbucket, Max says that Joel's parents were Plumbers and that Camille's family is a species of aliens called Sludgepuppies that has been feuding with the Plumbers for ages. He says that the wedding could end the feud, and that someone doesn't want that to happen. At dinner, Ben meets the flower girl, Lucy, and Gwen offers to teach him how to dance. The man from before transforms into a mud alien and attacks. He is Camille's ex-boyfriend. Ben transforms into Diamondhead and the alien grabs Joel. Diamondhead saves him and fights the alien. They fight in a spa, where Diamondhead sends the alien into a pool of water and he dissolves. Later, Gordon wants the wedding to be cancelled, but Camille refuses and Joel still doesn't want his parents to bring weapons. In the Rustbucket, Gwen teaches Ben how to dance. At the wedding, Camille's parents transform into mud aliens and attack the wedding. 

Ben realizes that the Manns were behind everything. Max notes that the Manns hired the ex-boyfriend to sabotage wedding for them to avoid suspicion from themselves. They grab Joel and attack Camille. Ben transforms into Heatblast and attacks them, freeing Joel. The Sludgepuppies and Heatblast engage fight, while a third sludgepuppy attacks the rest of the Tennysons. Max gives Gordon and Betty Jean weapons and saves Gwen from the sludgepuppy. Heatblast and the Manns fight in the forest and Camille, who is angry, transforms into a sludgepuppy and helps the Plumbers. Gordon and Betty Jean apologize for being rude to Camille. Max blows up the sludge puppy. In the forest, Heatblast hardens Mrs. Mann, but she fixes herself. The Manns merge into a giant mud alien and grab Heatblast. They suck him in, but he makes them so hot that they fully harden and breaks out. The wedding resumes and Ben dances with Lucy at the reception, which seems to be going well until Ben trips with mud after Lucy turns the lower half of her body back into mud to keep Ben from stepping on her feet, much to Max's horror since the incident ended up destroying the tuxedo Max loved so much. Ben is seen crashing some wedding pictures before the episode ends with a hand closing the wedding album.

Noteworthy Events

Major Events

  • Joel and Camille get married.

Character Debuts

Minor Events



Aliens Used

Spells Used

  • Camouphlat Vaporis
  • Stingu Invisibus



Camille's ex-boyfriend: (Holding Joel in his grip, looking at him angrily) If I can't have Camille, then neither can you. You meat puppet.
Diamondhead: (After launching diamond shards to cut the Sludge's hand off, thus saving Joel) Back off, Dirt bag!
Camille's ex-boyfriend: A Petrosapien? What are you doing here?
Diamondhead: Uh, friend of the groom?
Camille's ex-boyfriend: Then you're no friend of mine. (begins to attack)

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Gordon: (Walking up with Betty Jean to Camille, looking guilty) We're sorry that we've been so tough on you, Camille.
Betty Jean: Can you ever forgive us?
Camille: (Looking at the two) Of course, that's what families are for. (Looks ahead at the bodyguard as she pushes them aside) LOOK OUT!

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Hungarian Bazinagy Idegen Esküvő Big Fat Alien Wedding
Polish Moje Wielkie Kosmiczne Wesele My Big Space Wedding
Portuguese (Br) O Grande Casamento Alienígena The Big Alien Wedding
Romanian Nuntă de Extratereştri Mare şi Grasă Big and Fat Alien Wedding
Spanish (HA) La Gran Boda Alienígena The Great Alien Wedding
Spanish (Spain) Una Gran Boda Alienígena A Great Alien Wedding


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Lucy Mann
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Dee Bradley Baker Joel Tennyson
Camille's Ex-Boyfriend
Steve Blum Heatblast
Mr. Mann
Jim Ward Diamondhead
Gordon Tennyson
Fred Tatasciore Cannonbolt
Grey DeLisle Camille Mann-Tennyson
Mrs. Mann
B. J. Ward Betty Jean Tennyson



  • When Cannonbolt is in the pond, his chest stripe is missing.



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